Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome To The World

I was talking to my mom the other day on the phone and she asked me what I was doing at that time. And I told her, "Oh I'm going to Cupcake Royale to write." And she goes, "Good. I'm glad. You've always liked writing."

And it's so true. I've also always loved reading! When I was kid, more time was spent in the Library than at the Playground or at the Mall. I have such a deep appreciation for the written word and for all sorts of creative expression.

Which is why I think it makes me really happy to read the POETRY ON BUSSES that is featured on the Seattle Metro Busses. They're the little panels that you see when you look up where all the advertisements and rules and regulations and such are. Each poem is written by a local. I just love reading them and some days they really speak to me.

I'm posting a few up here, 3 from 2007 and 3 from 2005. They're interesting. They're beautiful. Enjoy!


Bianca Crystal said...

Have you read redeeming love?!?! I think you would absoluelty love it!

amo (amanda) said...

i've heard of it but I haven't read it. But I'll check it out on amazon. :D