Friday, May 29, 2009

Art In Me

So a few days ago, I blogged about how Jack's Mannequin was accepting artwork from fans to use in their upcoming music video for their song SWIM (see post here).

Jack's Mannequin songs have been such an inspiration to me at various points in the past couple of years. And SWIM is no different. It's a song about hope, about fighting through things, about overcoming challenges and about working towards unity.

Because I've been so moved by their music, (more evidence here) I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with excitement to express my appreciation for what Andrew McMahon and the rest of J.M. pour their hearts, souls, and lives into. I don't know if it WILL make the cut to be used in the video, but in any event, it's here for you to see!

Here is my picture:
(click picture to enlarge)

Here are some things to note:

The forefront is the band—the ones who have poured out their honesty into lyrics that have reached me on numerous occasions

My family—my dad and stepmom are there; my dad who serves in the army, giving his heart and life for our nation. And my stepmom who stands by him, giving her heart and life for our combined family. My sister and my two nieces are there, reminding me to keep fighting for love and unity. And my mom is there, in her favorite sweater- the blue one. :D I always remember her in that sweater. And my brother is there too!

God- the one in the blue jeans, yellow shirt, and a slight 'front butt.' (hey, i never said i was a good artist). He has been the ULTIMATE inspiration to me, and this is how I see Him.

My friends—you're all there, represented individually and/or in a mix of others represented.

YOU- the ones with no specific faces because it's for you to imagine your face there :D

New friends to follow—in the background. Those who I have yet to meet with a warm smile and big hug! :D

You are all helping me to SWIM, and to fight, and to keep hoping! Thank you for helping me to remember to JUST KEEP MY HEAD ABOVE and SWIM!

:D love you guys and gals!

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