Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay so today I'm going to share yet another little fun fact with you about myself.

I have this odd thing that happens when I ride the bus to work every morning. Somehow my subconscious has trained my body when to wake up when I fall asleep on the bus.

To explain further, here's some background info:

Every weekday morning I take the 41 bus from Northgate to Downtown. On it's way to downtown it goes under a bus tunnel system. The first stop after the bus gets on the highway (I-5) to downtown is Convention Place Station. The one after that is Westlake Station. My stop is Westlake Station. The bus ride to downtown is approximately 20 minutes in the morning. I'm usually out before we even get on the highway. But without fail, I will wake up just as soon as we get ready to stop at Convention Place Station—before the driver announces the stop.

This might seem fairly normal. However, for someone who is unsuccessful at nap-taking, it's so bizarre to me. And it's always at the same time—every morning.

So after I get off at Westlake Station, I go up the escalators to 3rd and Pine where I wait for either the 13 or 2 bus to Queen Anne, where I work. I get off at Mercer and Roy in front of Metropolitan Market. And again, without a vocal arrival notice, I will wake up just after we pass the Key Arena stop, which is one stop before mine. And I'm awake and ready to get off the bus, and head to work.

This is completely strange to me. I have an internal alarm that I didn't set. Crazy and cool all at the same time!


Kelley R. said...

Solution: Take all your naps on the bus.



leslie joy said...

that is weird. i would be terribly stressed out with the thought that one day i wouldn't wake up.

sleep is dangerous for me so i am completed impressed with your waking abilities.

Gabby said...

Isn't it funny how our internal clocks will just DO that? So weird...and useful!