Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just The Same But Brand New

Well it turns out I didn't go to the game after all.  But I heard the team did great and was only 1 run short of winning.  Believe me...I wouldn't be that one run. ;) hahahahha

But I did get to have SO MUCH FUN today at Scott and Jodi Andrina's house, celebrating Hayden Grace's 1st birthday!  It was so fun to hang out with some really fun amazing people.  And seriously, their backyard looked like something out of Martha Stewart or Home and Gardens or something magazine worthy.  It was gorgeous! (sorry I don't have pics) I kept joking with Scott and Jodi that I was gonna set up a tent in their backyard and live there—they said I could come over ANYTIME I want and I can camp out ANYTIME I want (as a mischievous grin appears on my face).  Here's a pic of Scott and Jodi with their daughter, Hayden. 

And then here's one of just Hayden—what a cutie!<

And for your enjoyment, 2 new Seattle pics...

And 2 cool songs to check out!

SWITCHFOOT'S "Vice Verses"


have a good rest of the weekend and don't forget: TOMORROW IS MOTHER'S DAY!


Kelley R. said...

Oh my gosh, I am so stoked that you blogged Vice Verses. That is awesome!

Wish you had a pic of that back yard.

P.S. Camping eh? You know how I feel about camping... *Cough*IfYouEverReallyCampInTheirBackyardYouShouldDoItDuringThanksgivingWhenI'mThereAndWeCanCampoutTogether*Cough*

Wow. Drafty in here.

Kelley R. said...

Uh. Might have to stretch the window out a little to read that P.S.

. . .

amo (amanda) said...

(said in french accent)
Butov Course I inclooded zee Svitchfoot sonk!

and PS:
We'llTotallyGoOverToTheirHouseWhenYouCome! :D HeckWeMayEvenCampOut! :D

Kelley R. said...