Friday, August 21, 2009

Foolish Games

I had so much fun at Heather's Game Night/Un-Birthday party! I got to meet some new people and discovered some new foods. I can't remember the names of everything, but one guy was eating Fa, and so I got to learn what it was. And we also had Asiago bread with brie spread and then another kind of crumbly cheese spread and some wheat flour cookies. I'm pretty sure that the more I stay here, the more of a variety of foods I'll be experiencing. There are seriously SO MANY different ethnic restaurants here. I mean, in Austin we have like a strip mall that's called China Town Center or something, and here it's like EVERY neighborhood has a mass amount of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Panamanian, and Indian restaurants. And there's even Puerto Rican food restaurants, and Swedish restaurants, and all sorts of other cultural foods to try.

I must admit that growing up in Austin, I never really ate many "daring" foods. I always stuck to pizza, or burgers, or Olive Garden or Chili's or Cheddar's or Rudy's . . . now don't get me wrong, all of those places are amazing(!) . . . I just find it so crazy cool that I'm surrounded by all these authentic cultural places.

Joy once said that Seattle seems to be it's own foreign country . . . and I agree . . . so many people from so many cultures find their way over here and just set up camp. It's great! I still love walking by white people and being surprised when they speak German or Swedish or French fluently to one another.

So yeah, I've got a lot of food to discover, if I can just stop being such a "new food chicken." I'm seriously a wuss. I need to be braver and try more things.

As I sign off for this post, I'll leave you with some pictures from the night. We played a game called Formula D. It's a really extensive race car-esque game. You gotta move around the board with the skill of Sorry, but with the timing of Risk. I left early and we had JUST gotten around the first bend on this double-board game. It's madness! And there's so many rules. . . it was a bit confusing. But we had fun anyway. My favorite part was when we were taking turns around the board, Jason said something to someone and I was joking around and said, "Don't judge, Jason." And he is so funny and quick that he whipped back a funny thuggish attitudy (is that a word?) "I drank my judger juice and I'm growin' up STRONG!!" it was so random and funny and he just said it with such a funny accent. Totally made my evening. Overall great night :D So yeah, here's the pics!

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Kelley R. said...

You got a car! Yay!!