Saturday, August 8, 2009

Show of Hands

Well hello everyone!

I just wanted to share some more photos and some stories from the Jack's Mannequin/The Fray concert the other night. I would have posted sooner, but my internet has kinda been here and there and so finally I got a good connection after resetting things last night.

So Thursday after I got off of work, I headed to the Paramount to go to the show. And I should just let you know that the Paramount is so gorgeous inside! It's got such intricate decorations and little chandeliers and such, I was so surprised that it was a venue for a rock concert like this. It wasn't until the show actually started that I kinda got why. The crowd was not so active. Seriously I was like, "Are you guys listening to the same guitar riffs and drum solos I am? These guys are all rocking out and you're just standing there like dead fish? Lame." But at least I got to rock out and have fun. And I got to stand next to some other enthusiastic fans. I met Chris, who was so fun to talk to and just rock out with. He's a super huge Jack's Mannequin fan too, so we talked for a long time about that before the show. And there was this other girl in front of us who never gave us her name, but went on and on about how many shows she's been to. We all had such a fun time. Then there was this 15 year old girl who was really short and I kept an eye on her all night, keeping her company and making sure no ginormously tall people planted themselves in front of her.

Oh, and PS: IF you are tall and decide to wear a huge hat to a rock concert. . . GO STAND IN THE BACK, NOT FRONT AND CENTER. I swear that kid was the hardest obstacle to maneuver around for photos (end rant)

There was actually an opening band for Jack's Mannequin and The Fray, which we weren't expecting. And the poor girl leading the band was talking way too closely into the mic that we couldn't hear any of the lyrics and couldn't even hear the band name when she said it. It's Vedera, by the way. Great melodies and sound, poor concert form. It was funny cause I asked this chick behind me if she knew who the band was and she was like, "I think it's Jack Mannequin?" And I was like, "Hmm. No. That's not Jack's Mannequin. Andrew McMahon is the lead singer of Jack's Mannequin and he doesn't sound like that." :D She was OBVIOUSLY there for The Fray ;)

Overall, awesome show! I loved when Andrew jumped up on his piano and serenaded us with such passionate songs. They played all my favorites and I was just so super excited to experience them live. The Fray rocked it out too and at the end, they sang HAPPINESS and all the band came together at the end to join the chorus. Both JM and The Fray had great stage presence and it was such a wonderful experience :D

Here are some more photos:



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