Monday, August 31, 2009

Sugar High

You wanna know one of my favorite things to do here in Seattle?

Breakfast at Caffe Ladro

I must thank Leah for introducing me to the wonder that IS Caffe Ladro ;)

this place is where it's at for that quick cup-o-joe before work
I am a HUGE fan of all things coffee and their lattes can do no wrong. :D

And what's even more awesome is the baristas that work there. Right now the only ones I know by name are Honnah and Susan, but the guys that work there are amazing as well. I will learn their names eventually. But they're great. They are such great people to talk to and they have great taste in music and they have fun working together, which makes the environment that much funner. I love walking in and they're all making coffee and singing along to some Smashing Pumpkins or Bon Iver or Joan Jett tune and it's just so refreshing to start the morning off with great coffee, free wi-fi, and yummy breakfast foods.

I have been a Starbucks girl for the longest, and don't get me wrong, I still enjoy Starbucks from time to time, but Caffe Ladro is where it's at on workday mornings :D

Just thought I'd share :D


Kelley R. said...

I'm glad you've found an indie coffee shop to love. :) Starbucks is cool, but the local places are the ones that feel like home.

Speaking of indie coffee shops, I just started thinking about Genuine Joe. It's weird to imagine it without a steady stream of MCA people hanging out or studying there. Do you know if any of the still-in-Austin folk still go?

amo (amanda) said...

i think *some* do. I think toohey goes. I know Benterline was looking for a new joint, since Starbucks upped their prices. But since the mass exodus of people from ATX out to Rockford and ATL and Arkansas, I'm not sure who still *knows* about it, much less goes there. :( Which is sad. cause the Obama Mocha is off the hook. I did enjoy that drink a lot :D