Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I watched The Time Traveler's Wife today, and overall, I thought it was a sweet story. But that was about it. :( I thought the film could have been made better and the acting was sup-par. But it did get me thinking. If I could travel back in time and let myself know a few things, what would I say to myself?

So, here's a short list of some things I think might have been beneficial to hear if my older self told me. :D

1. Don't wear the Tweety Bird shirt to your first day of High School.

2. Don't waste so much time goofing around in songwriting class. There's actually some really awesome stuff to hang on to.

3. Try some ethnic foods a little earlier in life.

4. Don't take spanish for foreign language. You'll regret it if you take spanish instead of french, like you're gonna want to.

5. Don't try to be like other people.

6. Don't make the joke about kicking Kelley out of your office because she said, "YOUR MOM" during her first year. You'll only have to try to convince her over and over and over again that you were joking.

7. Don't get so consumed with technology that you forget about the people around you.

8. Eat healthy. McDonald's before EVERY football game is not good. Ever. Come to think of it, stay away from McDonald's altogether.

9. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with others.

10. Move to California and work your way up the corporate ladder at Apple Computers ;)

What about you? What are some things you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself??


Whateverman said...

That's a good question:

*) When people say drugs are bad, they're both right and wrong. Right in the sense that they generally cause damage to certain people; wrong in that it's very difficult to predict who will get hurt, and how they'll get hurt. So proceed with caution

*) Screw the 9th grade geometry class [there's a long story behind this]. You're good at math - pursue it!

*) You will end up being proud of yourself, but regret not having worked harder at the things which make you proud. Work harder.

*) Enjoying being alone is a good skill to have; a lot of people aren't able to do this. But - enjoying it is not the same as it being healthy.

*) Most of the people who drive you crazy will end up being friends of yours for the rest of your life.

*) You will fixate on a girl from 5th grade. Don't. You'll waste 10 years of your life by doing this :)


Ok, there's a lot more, but they're getting really personal. I have to stop now :)

Kelley R. said...

6: Pft. A joke. Yeah, right.

This is a great blog idea. I can't decide if I want to answer your question in a comment here or make the answer a blog entry on my own blog. If I do, you most def get the credit and a link-back. :)

P.S. You should add another one where you remind yourself to make a serious attempt at an acting career. You can be a character actor, garnering rave reviews for your massively convincing performances as various media directors - all with odd penchants for kicking people out of their offices and uncommon devotion to their mothers.

P.P.S. Don't kill me.

amo (amanda) said...

hahahahha i won't kill you :D you can totally take the idea and do your own :D

PS: I PROMISE i was totally kidding. :D hahahahha

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