Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Like To Move It

You ever had those moments where you made a choice and then after making it, gone, "Why in the world did I do that?!?" Well I had a moment like that. On Monday night, I went to my FIRST EVER gym class by myself. Not only was it my first one in years (the first one being with a group of friends in Master's Commission) but it was called BOOT CAMP. What was I thinking? I have been working out on my own since January. But nothing compared to boot camp. Because in my daily workout, I don't do wall sits for 2 minutes while weightlifting. Call me crazy, I just never thought to include that in my workout routine. It kicked my butt. Though I should have known that when my instructor broke down the class routine and put COOL DOWN in air quotes, I shoulda had an inkling that I'd be sore and barely able to walk when I left . . . which . . . I was. Now, I don't need pity. I NEED to work out. I NEED to be healthy. But what had slipped my mind at the moment, was that I had agreed to help a friend move the next day. So when I was heading to her house, feeling every move in my abs, I imagined all the boxes that I would be lifting. The good news is that there actually wasn't a TON to move. So my abs and arms only hurt most of the time ;) I thought I'd share some fun photos with you guys from the move:

The sticker WAS on me. She doesn't know it's on her now ;)

I did all the HARD work ;)
for the record, we were done, i just wanted a funny pic

Helping Heather move a really light table

Heather hunting a kitty cat that paid us a visit

Elizabeth doing some heavy lifting ;)
again, we were about to leave

Watching the guys try to get a giant armoire through the hallway doorway

Gotta remove the top to get it through

So glad that Em got into her new place! It's such a cool apartment :D Also glad I got to work out my muscles and help my friend at the same time

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