Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funny The Way It Is

I thought I'd share some funny stories from my life lately. I kid you not when I say that my life should be a blooper reel. . . or a gag reel. . . I'm surprised camera crews don't just follow me around and submit the footage to America's Funniest Home Videos. If Awkward Life Experiences was a show, I'd be the star. No lie.

So here are 3 stories to keep you laughing:

1. Meeting Johnny from Parachute.
Okay so Parachute came to Easy Street Records to play an acoustic set. And as I'm looking around, debating whether or not to buy the new Iron and Wine CD, I notice Johnny from Parachute walking around the store. I also noticed the other guys, but they were engaged in conversation and I didn't want to butt in. So, as Johnny is walking towards the back room getting ready to go onstage, I TOTALLY geek out and I'm like this ridiculous annoying fangirl. I pick up the nearest record, which was Michael Jackson's Thriller and I go up to him and ask if he would mind signing it. And it was seriously one of those moments where you can imagine a hologram of yourself standing nearby you, watching and putting their face in their palm, shaking their head in embarrassment. Seriously. What a dork I was. I was trying to be funny, but my dorkiness emerged and I became "THAT GIRL" in a matter of seconds! And to make it worse, I followed it up with the WORST thing you could ever say to anyone who you are a fan of:
Which, automatically makes you sound like you're covering up that you are, in fact, out of your freaking mind. So they play their set and after taking photos with these amazing guys, I head home thinking. . . WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

2. Right On Target
So I just got back from Target actually. I was buying some new headphones to use at home and work and I decided to look at the books while I was there. So, I'm standing there looking at the books on the main rack- you know, the one that faces out into the aisle? So I go to grab a book and I notice that there's a different book at the back, so I go to grab it. But as I go to grab it, I guess the books were sitting weird on the shelf, cause they ALL come tumbling down to my feet. So I'm standing there in the main aisle, my feet covered in books, and my face bright red, embarrassed for the bookslide. And all I could do was smile at the workers and shoppers standing nearby and staring at me and go, "Don't worry. I'm okay." So many weird looks and some laughs. Whaddaya do?

3. Soccer with Siah
Last night I babysat for the Siers kids and the 3 youngest (Judah, Gwynnie, and Addy) all had to go to bed at 8 p.m., but the oldest (Josiah) didn't have to go to bed at 9 p.m. So I put the others down for bed, and me and Josiah, who we call Siah, were playing soccer out in the back yard. Now, something you should know. . . Josiah is a little boy. Like 9 or 10 years old-ish, I'm guessing. So we're playing, and the score is 4 to 13, with Josiah in the lead. . . Big time. So as we're playing, he goes, "Have you ever won in soccer?" And I'm like, "Well, I've never really played soccer." And he goes, "Well have you ever lost to a kid?" And I was like, "Oh many times."

So then we're finishing up the game and it's 5 to 16 with me still losing, he goes, "Here, I'll take it easy on you." And he LITERALLY just stands on the outside of the goal post and keeps telling me to make some goals. Which, I didn't quite do. I made like 3. Finally I had to put him to bed and he goes: "Look, we'll just say it was a tie. That way you don't lose." It was so funny and so humiliating all at the same time :D

One thing's for sure, I will never cease to entertain myself with all the random, awkward, hilarious antics that go on in my life

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