Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nine In The Afternoon

I'm here at Cupcake Royale for a nice afternoon hangout with my friend Geizel, who lives in the Roosevelt House with me :D

This place is booming. . . the line is seriously wrapping around the corner of the block!

No lie, if I had to work somewhere just for fun, like if I had no worries about income, I would work here! It's such cool place and no neighborhood in Seattle captures my heart more than Ballard does. :D If life in Northgate wasn't so convenient for me, I'd move to Ballard. :D

I think if I could have a full-time dream job it would be just to write screenplays all day. . . although, these wouldn't be bad options either:


Okay maybe HE doesn't look too happy to be there, but being surrounded by all that music and in such a cool area, It's a music lover's paradise.

CAFFE VIVACE (Capitol Hill)

1. I could meet some awesomely interesting new people
2. I could learn how to make awesome coffee designs
3. Their coffee is yum!


It's cliche, I know. But I LOVE going up the Space Needle and looking out all over the city. The opportunity to get to see that view 5 times a week is just magical to me. :D

THE SHOWBOX (Downtown Core)

Live Music. Every Day. Who could ask for anything more?

Okay so I know that these as JOBS would be different, but I really don't think I'd mind it as much :D

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leah claire said...

Oh, man, Working at Vivace would be AWESOME.