Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

(Photo credit: M.I.L.K.)

It's here, the weekend is here!

I, for one, am about to embark on an adventure known as a Women of Westside retreat! That's right, a fun weekend spent with amazing women who encourage me and push me to greatness! Did I mention that I got the chance to write the skits for this year AND I get to ham it up on the drama team?? My 7th grade Theater Arts teacher would be so proud!

So yeah, I'm embarking on a wonderful weekend away (okay okay, so maybe it's only 2 days long, throw me a bone!) and I'm not going to be online much. I'm going to try to spend as much time just being surrounded by these inspiring women as I can. I'll probably still tweet (which will update my Facebook as well) sporadically, but I won't be checking comments and surfing the web until I get home or unless one of the other girls wants to show me something online. Other than that, none of the interweebz for me! Just a whole lot of fun and refreshing!

Then, on Saturday, after the retreat is over, I'm going to do something new and fun to celebrate one of my friends. My friend Heather is having her bachelorette party Saturday night and we are going to be attending Belly Dancing lessons as part of the party! Crazy, eh? I'll try not to break anything or get too outta control with my ever-loving latin hips. ;p

And after the belly dancing has commenced, we're going to go to Sea-Tac for Karaoke!!! Guys, do you know how much i LOVE Karaoke??? Do you need a reminder??

No really, I'm a SUCKER for Karaoke!

This weekend is gonna be

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Heather said...

When were you planning on sleeping?
Okay I TOTALLY wish work did not block whatever is in the white looming box of insanity in the middle of my screen hmmm....what could it BE!? Something to do with Karokee hmm hmh mhmm I am SO glad I am not the only sucker that doesn't mind an embarasseement.