Friday, May 7, 2010


My beautiful Friday was met with a mega buzzkill this morning as I remembered something I'd been meaning to check on. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL. It's only the biggest deal ever for someone who's from Austin. I've wanted to go for years now, but due to traveling and lack of excess cash flow (and now distance), I hadn't been able to go. Luckily, last year Hulu streamed a live feed of the festival and I was able to catch performances from some of my faves . . . but it just wasn't the same—especially knowing that I had friends there that I would have loved to hang out with as we watched the magical wonder of live music unfold in front of us.

I'm pretty sure I'd read a tweet from one of my friends that the early bird tickets were sold out, but I still had hope for other opportunities. So this morning, when I saw this, my heart sank:

As Kris Kross would say, "I missed the bus." :(

At first I was like, "OOOOOH! VIP PASSES!!" Then, flashes of my bank account appeared in my mind and I floated back down to earth. I could probably afford ONE 1-DAY PASS, and I might still, depending on when the upcoming MCA Reunion is. If it's near that time, I'd definitely buy the Saturday pass. However, I don't know how much longer tickets will be available, and I can't really afford it right this moment. As I was looking over the ticket prices and figuring out cost of flying back home, plus hours missed at work, plus ticket pricing, and other festival costs (merch, snacks, etc.) I said out loud to myself, "Man. I'd give one of my kidneys to be able to go!" I then quickly remembered the hell I went through when I almost had my kidney removed and I rethought that statement. I then followed it up with, "Man. I'd give my laptop to be able to go!" and then I thought about it some more and resolved, "Man. I'd give that creepy RV that sometimes hangs out in front of our house to someone if it meant that I could go."



Sbarkley said...

girl, what the HECK w/ the creepy RV?!?!!?? shaaaaady....

I have this sinking feeling that Muse is gonna pull a SXSW and come back to Austin and do some "secret" show again for ACL...and ONCE again I won't be able to go! :( *sigh* But maybe I can meet them again!!! :D

amo (amanda) said...

dude. that rv is just ridiculous creepy :O i hope Muse comes back to the ATX! I missed them when they came here :(