Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This past weekend was so jam-packed with FUN!! I had such an amazing time at the Women's Retreat and it was so cool to see the comedy sketches I had written actually come across as funny to the ladies in attendance. It gave me a little more confidence in my ability to write comedy at a basic level.

After a refreshing time with inspiring women, I got to spend another bonus evening with some other spectacular women who joined together to celebrate my friend Heather, who is getting married next weekend!!!!

Heather is such a great friend and is so full of awesome and fun you almost wonder if it's possible to be that amazing and still be down-to-earth . . . but let me assure you, it's possible . . . and Heather J. excels at it.

It was fun to go to a bachelorette party that was so uniquely catered to the personality of the person we were celebrating. You see, Heather is a dancer. She's tons of fun and she likes to get down while she's having fun . . . or is it the other way around?? ;p

For her party, we went to a belly dancing studio and learned some dance moves and got to all dance together and just spend time laughing and enjoying each others' company. We got to wash Heather's feet, massage her hands with extravagant lotion, fan her, and someone even gave her a back massage.

As part of all the fun, we got to dress up in all these scarves and jingly belts. Our favorite thing was moving around to make the coins on the jingly belts jingle! Our teacher was very patient and a lot of fun. She didn't even seem to mind that I had 2 left feet and on occasion almost ran over her because I forgot to turn and go the other way. ;p

The party was very "Heatherish" and thus full of spontaneity and jokes. She was never at a loss for fun poses when the cameras came out.

Our teacher even did a dance for Heather called 200 Blessings On Your Wedding Day (or something like that) and got to give Heather a great big hug and some kind words to encourage her as she gets ready to embark on a new adventure!

They also gave her a bowl of rice and told her to swirl her finger around in it. As she did, words written on slips of paper would be found in the rice. Words like: Love, Honor, Blessing, Trust, Patience, and a bunch of other sweet and tender blessings for her marriage.

After the dance lesson, we got to hang out in the studio and eat and open gifts. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. Me and Heather were trying to orchestrate a photo where it looked like I was flying and she would try to lift the fabric up and jump out of the picture just in time to make it seem it was floating down. It didn't work because the camera took a while to focus and couldn't capture the shot. So I started jumping up and down and then Heather tried to be funny and gently kick my butt, and it led to one of my absolute favorite pictures ever. Cause it pretty much sums up the both of us perfectly. Love it! :D

Then afterwards, she invited everyone out for Karaoke! And since I'm a sucker for karaoke and fun with Heather, and the fact that I don't drink (thus making me the perfect designated driver), I couldn't resist and joined the fun!

I wanted to do more songs, but the wait time was ridiculous—this place was crowded!!! So I ended up doing a Spice Girls number (WANNABE) and took advantage of the fact that the crowd was swarming with boozed out ladies! It was a LOT of fun! Don't believe me?

See for yourself:

(please bear in mind that I am singing while still battling a cold)

It was definitely the cherry on top to a wonderful weekend with the girls!

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Heather said...

Shenanigans! That was such an amazing weekend!
Okay I cannot see the vid at work. BUt I'll tell ya what's what, AMO, live, singing spice girls, is a SIGHT to behold! OMG I was in stitches.