Monday, May 17, 2010

Good News

I just bought my ticket to go see
play in Los Angeles on their summer tour!!!

No but seriously guys, this is a huge deal for me! One thing I've noticed is that while Seattle definitely has a live music culture worth appreciating, it's not NEARLY as amazing as the live music scene in Austin and the surrounding cities. When my favorite bands have announced tour dates, they've always been in the Austin, Dallas, or Houston area—which would be EASY PEASY to attend if I still lived in Austin. But I live here, and I love here, and I want here . . . but I also want bands that I like here. The stigma of supporting local businesses carries over to the music scene here as well and I love it, don't get me wrong, I do. It's just that most of the local bands here have a sound I don't really care for. I grew up on punk rock/alt. rock/ hard rock/ piano pop rock music and it is what inhabits my iTunes the most. So when my favorite bands go on tour, they mostly stick to the east coast and the southern states, which have a larger appreciation and draw for them. The fact that Seattle is neatly tucked away in the upper corner of the west coast doesn't help either.

Something Corporate played at Bamboozle this year and I couldn't go. I couldn't take the time off and I couldn't afford it. But luckily, this new tour opened up a tour date I COULD make! Ideally I would've liked to attend the show in Dallas so I could go with my friend Kelley and her roomie Diane, but it looks like I'm going to have to settle for 2nd best . . . and in this instance, it's okay!

So come August I will be making a trip down to Los Angeles (most likely via Greyhound) to be able to see Something Corporate reunited, playing awesome rock goodness!!! And I will be there, ready to rock out and jump and dance and lose my voice singing along!!!

Excited doesn't EVEN begin to cover it!

With that, I leave you with two of my favorite SoCo songs*:

*cause really, who can choose JUST one?? Yeah, I dunno either!

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