Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tripping Down The Freeway

Time for a trip down memory lane!

Today is Momma's Day and it's about high time I told you all about my amazing muddah. I have some really fun memories of my mom and I'll take time to share 3 of them.

1. A MOM WHO WAS ALWAYS THERE. When I was in the 6th grade, I had an emergency appendectomy. The doctors misdiagnosed me multiple times and after going ONE LAST time, they finally discovered that my appendix had been ruptured for 2 weeks. It was Easter weekend and all of my family was going out of town for our annual family reunion. I had to stay behind from all the fun and undergo an intensive surgery. When I woke up, my mom was there next to me, ready to keep me company and make sure the doctors took care of me. I was in the hospital for 10 days and she was there, by my side for the majority of it. She would walk with me up and down the halls and listen to me whine about how bored, or sore, or tired I was. She would bring me gifts from her and her co-workers like a calligraphy set, which is where I learned calligraphy and can now make beautiful invitations, and drawing/sketching supplies which helped me get in the habit of expressing myself artistically on paper. Through it all, mom was there.

2. A MOM WHO DIDN'T GIVE UP. When I was in the fourth grade, I saw my brother get hit in the face by a pop-fly ball at the youth ballpark. After being surrounded and pushed around by panic-stricken adults, and rushing him to the hospital, I quickly became afraid of the ball—I was 99.9% sure that I had a bulls-eye on my forehead and the baseballs were coming at me relentlessly. I played baseball a year later, and I only hit one ball the whole season (in the last inning, with a tired pitcher). I was SEVERELY afraid of the ball. Sometimes I wouldn't even swing, and I would get out and walk back crying to the dugout while my mom walked over and assured me that everything would be okay. Watching her believe in me despite my absolute suckage is part of what inspired me to start playing softball this past year and to continue playing it this year—and I LOVE it! I'm still not great, but I'm not afraid to try anymore. In fact, at our double header game yesterday, I got some good contact hits. :D

3. A MOM WHO DIDN'T ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RULES. One of my absolute favorite memories of my mom, is sitting down at the dinner table with her and my brother and sister, listening to Adam Sandler's THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU cd—YES, at the dinner table! Epic goodness, people. I know that in most families, dinner is a quiet sacred time, but something about sitting there, laughing along with my mom to Adam Sandler's Fatty McGee sketch and singing along to Lunchlady Land made my heart happy. She wasn't above pushing the parental envelope. We laughed so hard and she was right there laughing along with us—and for some reason, that meant so much to me!

My mom is truly a hero to me. I didn't make it especially easy for her growing up. I was definitely a middle child, complete with moodswings and a desire to "express myself creatively" (sorry for covering all the walls in my room in our apartment with thumb tacks mom!)—and I was definitely a strong-willed girl! But through it all, she's been there.

To my mom, I love you. Thanks for all you've done for me and for choosing to keep me around! :D

This one's for you mom . . .