Thursday, May 27, 2010

When You Look Me In The Eyes

This past Saturday, I got to join in a REALLY fun event! I joined up with people from Seattle's EMERALD CITY IMPROV to participate in a fake Jonas Brother sighting that we staged at Northgate Mall near my house!

As a subscriber to ECI's Facebook page, I got this message:

Announcing Emerald City Improv's next event!

On May 22nd, we're going to be staging a fake sighting of Nick Jonas, the infamous idol of preteen girls. Jonas, sighted while shopping, will quickly be surrounded by camera wielding paparazzi and adoring fans, before he is escorted to his black SUV by his security guards. If we're lucky, he might pause to sign a few autographs. And if we're very lucky, everyone in the immediate vicinity is going to be totally convinced they're in the presence of a real live Jonas Brother. They'll never know that this Jonas Brother is really our very own lookalike. Whatever happens, like always, it's sure to be a lot of fun! See you there!

It was soooo fun making people actually believe one of the Jonas Brothers was there! Out of the crowd of teens (and yes even excited moms) surrounding the fake celeb, I only came across one naysayer. Her response:

That's not a Jonas. That's some random white guy. Psh.

And then she walked away disappointed. But it was still so fun to watch the girls go crazy about getting pics and autographs from the "Extra Bonus Jonas."

We even got some buzz about it in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer!

Here are my pics and a video from the event:

Our fake JoBro and his fierce bodyguard

Gaining some followers

Pappa . . . Pappa . . . Papparazzi

The getaway . . .


Alisa said...

We have to go back!!

Annah said...

Wait! Did people believe this was a JoBro? SHUT UP!

amo (amanda) said...

Yeah dude, totally!! it was HILARIOUS!! :D