Friday, September 19, 2008

The Art of the Scarf

So, I really must confess... I feel like a sore thumb sometimes here in the great emerald city. For 2 reasons:

1. I love Starbucks coffee and I don't drink coffee at Tully's... my cup is obvious among the crowd of natives who despise the corporate greatness that is Starbucks... not local enough i guess
- even though starbucks started here in Seattle!!!

But yeah, me and ALL the tourists- we drink Starbucks! :)


2. Apparently, I missed the part in school where they talked about how to properly wear a scarf. Because I've had to wear a scarf a few times here, and every time I do, I am surrounded by tons of women who are wearing them in a classier way. I feel so out of the loop! I've got to learn to wear a scarf properly! I seriously stick out like a sore thumb! Okay, so let me just show ya what I'm talking about....

Here's how I wear my scarves:

and here's how the classy Seattlelite women where theirs:

so i guess i still have a lot to learn! I wish i would have learned this before!!! I'll try to be cool, i really will!! :)

In other news, I was hit on today by 2 different guys- one at the bank, one at starbucks. guess the girls must've been working over time.


brianspessard said...

So Seattle-ites don't dig the 'bucks? Huh. Would have never guessed that..

My guess is it's because they're everywhere. They would probably love it and be really snobbish about it if there was only Starbucks in Seattle. But since it is everywhere, they look for the next thing...until it gets everywhere too. Haha...that's how society seems to work. lol..

amo said...

true story!

Kelley R. said...

There's no such thing as an un-stylish scarf.

They are the ultimate expression of style in every way.

Rock the scarf.

Who cares how Seattle-ites wear them anyway? Everyone knows the main ingredient of Starbucks is scarf-power, so they're wearing them wrong no matter what anyway...