Saturday, September 6, 2008

I guess I'm pretty Sweets

(yes i know, i will FOREVER regret posting this picture in the future.) :)

Okay, so in my job, as an administrative assistant, I get to go to a LOT of board and coalition meetings. And more often than not, I feel like the odd chick out because my vocabulary is nowhere near as developed as theirs, and the fact that I have a greater lean to my generation's slang doesn't help. I have to continually catch myself before i say things like: for sure, no prob, it's a done deal, and no way man. Trust me, it gets pretty tricky... but i'm dedicated to learning to get better! so wish me luck!

So the reference to Sweets is this: There's this scene from the TV Show BONES, which i love to watch, where the FBI Psychologist named LANCE SWEETS has to go on trial against "bones'" dad. But Booth usually calls him Sweets, not Dr. Sweets and he gets a lot of flack for being young too. But this clip taken from and episode called THE VERDICT IN THE STORY, pretty much shows you how i feel when i'm in big meetings. :) enjoy!

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