Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington as my Second Language

Okay, so granted, when you move to a new place, you can expect people to talk differently than you. And I think one of the FUNNEST things for me here is learning the lingo. Things are pronounced so different up here and I love it! Some words are so funny! Now granted, Austin has some funny names that you gotta get used to... like Koenig, Manchaca, Guadalupe, etc. But here's some funny ones from Washington in general:

Alki = Al-kye (rhymes with pie)
North Yelm
Chehalis = Sha-HAY-lis
Cle Elum = Clee Ell-um (sounds country)
Cowiche = cow-ITCH-ee
Deschutes = dez-shoots
Kittitas = kit-it-tass
klickitat = click-it-tat
Mukilteo (this one took me a long time to get) = Muck-il-tee-o
Pend Oreille = Pawn-do-ray
Peshastin = Peh=shash-tin
Puyallup = Pyoo-al-up
Snohomish = sno-hoe-mish
Tlingit = klink-it
Tulalip = too-lay-lip
Kalkala = ka-lock-a-la

Go ahead, say some out loud to yourself. :)

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