Thursday, September 25, 2008

a tribute to dynamic duos

Okay, so yesterday I found out (as did she) that my co-worker (only co-worker, mind you that is in the office with me all day), Marlys (mar-liss) is no longer going to be working here. Yesterday was her last day and it was such a bittersweet day. Alice (my boss) was out of the office for most of the day yesterday, so we were just laughing and chatting while updating lists and databases for the orginazation we work for. And we had lunch together and walked to office depot together. Now, i've only been here for like 4 weeks, but Marlys has been so much fun to work with! She's a bit older, and kinda out of the loop as far as pop culture and technology go, so it was so fun to share stuff with her! Sometimes it was silly stuff, like the difference between "COMPLIMENTING" and "FLATTERING" someone, and how to use google maps to get directions, and how to minimize applications on your computer, and introducing her to the fact that you can buy pizza at the store and bake it in your oven at home...which led to the discussion about what is better- Freschetta or DiGiorno... :) (Di Giorno Stuffed Crust the way). And it was just so fun to share stories with my Kel about my days with Marlys, who I loving referred to as MJ :) . She is actually from Houston, TX, which is way cool and moved up here a few months ago to get a new start in life... :) She knew that her job here was temporary just until they were able to hire someone that could do what i am doing now... and sadly, her last day was yesterday. I miss going to A BURGER PLACE with her! I really hope she gets a good job, where she can challenge herself to learn more and do more! I will miss her mucho! Hopefully we'll still be able to get together and hang out... :)

But now, our dynamic duo is down to just me... :(

So, in order to make the day brighter, I would like to take some time out to recognize some of my FAVORITE dynamic duos!

1. Lucas and Peyton (One Tree Hill)

So I am a super huge fan of the show, One Tree Hill, and Mark Schwan (the exec. producer and writer) has done a great job of creating drama on the show...and through the past 6 seasons, has created MANY different love interests for Lucas and Peyton individually, but the greatest part of it all is when they are together! They are both so broody and artsy and just perfect for each other. I've been rooting for them since the first season, and you can imagine the ULTRA EXCITEMENT i experienced when watching the season premiere for season 6 where he chose her to marry over Brooke and Lindsday (man faced lindsay)! Plus the fact that Chad Michael Murray, who plays Lucas is a mega hottie, and that Hilarie Burton, who plays Peyton is so stunning is just an added bonus!

2. Booth and Bones (BONES)

These two are HILARIOUS to watch! if you've never seen an episode, go to and check out one for free online and you will laugh so hard at the banter that goes on between the two of them. He is an FBI agent and she is a forensic anthropologist, who is so literal and genius that his street smart character compliments her so well!! I laugh so much during each episode...and like Jim and Pam (the office) i'm hoping that one day the romantic tension will dissapear and they will just get together already! hahahahaha!

3. Benson and Stabler (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

I love that they are grown adults, able to be friends without being romantically involved with one another, and fighting for a good cause! don't get me wrong, i love romance, but their partnership just works best without all the romance. They care about each others' lives, and are a great team!

4. Mac and Stella (CSI: NY)

Lieutenant dan!!! hahahahahaha!! Okay, so mac and stella are my favorite CSI dynamic duo! And I know i'll probably get a lot of flack (not don flack, also from csi:ny...har har har) for this but NY is actually my new favorite CSI! I mean, there are great duos in each of the others- Grissom & Catherine (Las Vegas), Callie & Eric (miami), but really... NY takes the cake! Again, mac and stella are able to be great teammates without all the romance drama. I think the thing I love the most about them is that they understand one another without speaking, and can tell others what that person is going to say or think, etc. And i love their leadership approaches- firm, steady, but not overbearing or selfish.

5. Brian and Hannah (my mentor and his wife)

Okay, so they are not TV stars, but they are CREATIVE ROCKSTARS! He is my mentor and taught me everything I know about media, and has taught me a WHOLE LOT about building relationships, living selflessly, and using creativity in everyday life. And his wife is not only GORGEOUS! but she's super talented as well! He has done graphic design/web/and video production for lots of great people from John Bevere, to Jason Morant, to Hillsong, and even for the college ministry at New Life in Colorado Springs. And she is a VERY TALENTED photographer and artist! Check out the link to her blog [audreyhannahphoto] on the right hand side of my blog, and you'll understand why i'm dead set on saving up to have her take my engagement and wedding photos when the time comes around... :)

and finally....

6. Me and Shia LeBeouf! (hahahahahahaha!)

Okay, okay. so this one is just a joke, but for reals- he's a hottie! He was hilarious in HOLES, inspiring in THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED, spectacular in TRANSFORMERS...and i can't wait to go see EAGLE EYE on Friday! And then... TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN! oh me oh miah...oh shia! hahahahahahahaha!

alrighty, well...that's the post for the day! feel free to comment, if not here, on facebook or myspace. peace out homies!


Bianca Crystal said...

dang, just looked at hannah's website...she is amazing!

amo said...

for the reals! she is SO talented! and sweet and easy to talk to also!

matlock said...

wow, i started dying laughing when i saw that last dynamic duo. that's awesome.