Thursday, September 4, 2008

summer sure feels like winter

okay, so now i know why there is no central air and heating in most seattle homes- it's fah-ree-zing!! seriously! yeesh! last night i was watching the season premiere of bones (which was amazing by the way) and my feet were fah-ree-zang! it was crazy! In other news- I get to put together a Video Conferencing Proposal for work and I get business cards next week- that i designed! woot! They're pretty fly. not as trendified as i could get away with at mca, but still pretty fly. and today i have a morning meeting and then i think i'll grab lunch at chipoootle. not NEARLY as good as Freebirds, but hey, whaddaya do? :) Then another meeting at 2 p.m. and then off at 5 ready to go home and get some cleaning and shopping done! :)

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