Friday, September 5, 2008

a tale of two drags

(the ave in seattle)

okay, so working in the u.district is a ton of fun, but everytime i walk down the ave (which is the seattle version of austin's drag)I get all nostalgic and miss the drag a lot. Now there are many things that separate the ave from the drag... mainly that the ave is not located in downtown seattle, it's located in the u.district in north seattle. So as opposed to the drag in austin, there's not as many people crowding the street. There's also a higher number of asians living in seattle and attending the Univ. of Washington (U-Dub), so a lot of the places to eat on the ave are asian cuisine... which is not my favorite and i really have to be in the mood for, and even then, more americanized asian cuisine is my flavor... read- panda express, china buffet. ha ha ha! But there's also not a lot to do around here in my opinion. I mean, there are a lot of the same things, and some things unique to the ave, and then there are things that just aren't there that i wish were there. here's my breakdown list:

Same Things:
Urban outfitters (my fave)
Buffalo Exchange
University Book Store
Locally Owned Eateries
Vintage Clothing Store
Small Scale Theater

Unique to the Ave:
Birkenstock Store
Bicycle Recyling
Huge Post Office
Schultzy's Sausage (yummo)
Varsity Theater
Tully's Coffee (ever competing against starbucks)
lots of unique stores i can't remember

Unique to the Drag:
Kirby Lane Cafe
Union Underground
Dobie Mall
Mellow Mushroom
Craft Fairs

Things I wish were on the AVE:
Apple Store
Union Underground
Moe's Southwestern Grill (which, sadly isn't even on the drag anymore... boo.)

And if there's anything that any of you think i forgot (either on the ave or the drag) post a comment and let me know! i miss the drag, but the ave is a pretty cool substitute. :)

(the drag in austin)

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Kelley R. said...

Kerbey Lane Cafe!!!! The Mellow Mushroom!!!! I miss Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..And I want some pizza.