Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things That Make Me Say...."ahhhh..."

Okay, so one of the big projects as Office Manager here is to maintain organization of the Organization's on site files. So having just recently moved the offices to the U-District from Occidental Ave. near Safeco and Qwest Fields, they kinda just put the file cabinets in a row, unorganized. Files are scattered everywhere and very unorganized. So when daily office tasks get slow, this becomes my big project. So far, I've catalogued every single file folder in each of these 28 file cabinets! And I just got done printing and cutting the file drawer title cards, which were just scribbled on paper before and put in the slots... and now they are organized and color coded! Which will be easier to remember where things are because now a color is associated with each batch of files. General files (a-z) in red kicks off the set left to right, then Major File batches are broken down into their own, like WAC Employee Personnel files and RCCG files...all of which have their own alpha-log. So now I just have to go through the catalogue and figure out which files go in which drawer! Hopefully I'll get to have this all done by Friday, which would make life so much easier! Well, I've always been into show and tell, so here are some pics of my progress!

[the original filing cabinets]

[the newly updated filing cabinets!]

[a closer view of the left side]

[a closer view of the right side]

Well, I feel very accomplished and can breathe easier now that things will be easier to file away!

oh and if you're wondering what goes on the bottom row, it's extra green hanging folders, which we have 4 drawers worth of!

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