Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i could kick MYSELF in the butt...

for deciding to wear high heels today! SERIOUSLY! Okay, so sometime last night, when I was ironing and planning my outfit for today, (which included my shimmery white blouse with cap sleeves and my pinstripe blue jean trouser pants... and my brand new champagne colored high heels) I didn't think about the possibility of waking up late and having to rush down 3 blocks to catch the bus which i would take and forget to get off at the right spot, thus making me walk an extra 4 blocks to work to get there on time. I also didn't think about the fact that I would need to walk to the post office twice and then later walk over to the university book store to get some office supplies. And I sure didn't plan on walking an extra 4 1/2 blocks to go make a bank deposit! Oh yeah, and I apparently forgot that I had a UM Temple Staff Meeting (we rent a room in their building) in the Pastor's office, which is up 2 flights of stairs! oy vey! I know that I'm famous for saying "SOMETIMES, FASHION WINS" but uh... today... Fashion Sucks! hahahahahahahahaha! I think I'll just wear socks to the office tomorrow.

Speaking of the UM Temple staff meeting, okay... so there was a big email sent out saying that it was going to be a special going away celebration meeting for Akiko, who is taking a job elsewhere. Well, so first of all, the meeting group includes me, the pastor, the maintenance guy, and 2 other workers, and Akiko. So... that's all 6 people ready to party right!! No. So the party consists of juice, 2 plates of cookies, and 2 bowls of fruit. Which is a pretty nice snack, don't get me wrong... but I WAS THE ONLY ONE EATING THE FOOD! So not only do I look like a PIG, it's also awkward cause it's quiet, save the sound of me crunching on the mint milanos. And the pastor is passing around the goodbye card in front of Akiko, who's leaving, by the way.. and one of the other workers calls her out on it RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! the pastor was so embarrassed and apologized, then proceeded to hand Akiko the card with an awkward smile. So then we go over the church schedule, any concerns building wise... and then it gets really quiet for like 4 whole minutes and the maintenance man brings up the fact that he's sad that Akiko is leaving, but says it without any inner emotion and with a half smile on his face. Then it's quiet again... and he tells everyone how much she has meant to the team, etc. And then the pastor says something nice, and then we all say something nice... but everyone is so emotionless, it's super awkward. So then we all had our say... and it gets quiet again... awkward silence for like 5 minutes. And then the maintenance guy is like... uh.. well, i guess that's the end of the meeting... you can all go now, unless there's anything else you all want to bring up.

So then we get ready to leave and i decide that since i pretty much embodied The Cookie Monster, may as well take a plate of the untouched fruit and snacks down to the office.

So it's me, a plate of cookies and fruit, 2 flights of stairs, and my high heels shoes which are making my feet blister really bad! And the whole way down all i kept saying to myself is, "Seriously? Did this just happen??"

Sorry Akiko... better luck next time i guess.

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Kelley R. said...

Oh my gosh. Your story is so funny and awkward, and I love the closing line. Lol. It's awesome.

I'm sorry the shoes hurt... They're really pretty, though. You probably looked like a total rockstar. :)