Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GREAT UPDATE and prayer request!!

God is so good! I got an email this morning from my dad!! Just what I needed!!! Here is what he wrote:

Hey Mandy Pandy,
I was not sure if you knew that Cindy was in the hospital since Thursday until today (Tuesday). She had an exploratory surgery done on her heart and arteries. All is well there but she is still having a hard time breathing. So she is going to see an internist in a couple of days. And she still is having to go to doctor Besperka (dentist) to have two teeth removed/extracted. I'm sorry that I can not SKYPE you nor Messsage you since I don't have internet access yet. It's kinda expensive so I will try to email you as much as possible daily.. I recieved your cards and enjoyed them. So far your the only one who has sent me any mail except for the "SOLDIERS ANGELS" organization. They are awesome. So keep praying for us and thank you again for the cards.

How are things with your job and housing? Let me know how all is going. I love you my daughter. Later.

---[here is an email he sent to our pastor's secretary in austin]---


Thank you for responding to my email about Cindy being in the hospital. I understand Pastors, Minton White and Mary Stinson, went by to see her. I just called her early this morning at 2:00am your time and she was in a little pain. Her grandson is the only one at home watching her. Which I think is sweet of him. He loves his nanna very much. Cindy's phone number is [ask and i'll give it to you] and I'm sure she would appreciate a call from our church family.

I have a favor to ask of someone willing to help Cindy and her daughter. We need to move our stuff from our commercial storage location to our apartment storage/garage in North Austin/Cedar Park. If anyone is interested in helping her once she is felling better I would appreciate it very much. Cindy is not yet out of the woods she is having a hard time breathing and is having to go see an internist to check her lung capacity and she still is dealing with going to the dentist to get her teeth extracted. If anyone is willing to take over this task for her I am willing to pay them for their labor and gas. My vehicle should be available upon getting in touch with Cindy and/or if someone with a truck would'nt mind doing it I would appreciate it very much and will compensate them for gas and labor.

Thank you very much in advance.

All is fine so far here in Iraq. It has been one dust stormy week, with no fresh air for three days. Please pray for clean air here in Iraq. Lord willing.

God bless ya'll and let everyone know I miss and love them in His name.

So the great news is that my dad is alive and safe!!! The bad news is that my stepmom isn't doing so hot and needs a lot of prayer! Please lift her up as she comes to your remembrance!


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