Monday, September 1, 2008

my blessing, my curse...

Okay, so you see the little logo up there- yeah... seems harmless and friendly right?? well think again. as much as fedex kinkos is my blessing because in the past, i've been part of ministries that run on last minute approvals so you gotta get things done at kinkos... it's like they say: if it wasn't for the last minute, things wouldn't get done. ha ha ha ha! Anyway, so part of me is grateful for a place like fedex kinkos cause a lot of times i'm in a last minute bind to get things printed, cut, etc. But here's the thing... in the many hundreds of times i've used them.. they generally tend to screw things up royally. and then they say that it's my fault for trusting them to do a job that they should know how to do... but because my margins are off by a point of an inch, things get messed up.. and it's my fault. okay, okay, finkos, maybe it is MY fault. maybe i'm just glutton for punishment and this is like my own personal beach house in the outer circle of the seventh circle of hell. who knows? hmpf. but anyway.. so i haven't gotten much graphic design print stuff done here in seattle yet. but there's a finkos just down the block from where i live.. and so i go there for important things- black and white forms that need to be printed and mailed to my family to help get the final details of my car settled with the buyer and such.. bank forms mailed, etc. Anyway. So my habit is to drag and drop the forms from my mac to my thumb/flash/jump/sex... whatever drive. And then take it to finkos and have it printed then and there so i don't have to use the little computers that charge out the butt. (literally) jk.

Today was not so successful. :( I had to use one of the in house computers to print stuff because the lady behind the counter doesn't know how to put said thumb drive into their computers, pull up the pdf files (which by the way, are the only files on there- on purpose) and print them from their little computers under the sign that says: print and shipping kiosk.

Thanks Finkos. Not only are you not training your employees to do the simplest of tasks, which is sad considering you hold yourselves to such high standards of... well.. i'm not quite sure what they are yet.

So she was like, well you're going to have to use one of the computer stations over there (computer money grubber stations) and I had to surrender and just take it. uggh!

So here's the thing about these seemingly harmless stations:

They are money hungry!

Not only do you get charged by the MINUTE (20 cents on a PC and 30 cents on a MAC) but the print charge is considerably higher. If I were to get it printed at the service kiosk, it would be 9 cents for a black and white print. But at these sucky computers, it's 49 cents a print for black and white! oh man! talk about highway robbery!

So it's like a race- you gotta outsmart the system and spend as little time on those machines as possible or else you'll need to take out a loan to pay for your stuff!

So while it's loading (doesn't charge while loading) I quickly double click on MY COMPUTER (which, by the way i used the pc- no offense MAC, but kinkos charges more for you.. sad.) and open my documents right when it starts the timer. So i print my two documents in record time, but because of the freakin' print charges, I ended up paying $2 for what should have originally cost me 27 cents if the chick behind the counter knew how to do her job. sucks.

Well, that's finkos for you... outrageously disappointing yet high in demand for the services that they provide. oh my blessing.. and my curse!

hope you enjoyed my 2 bucks FINKOS! Heaven knows I didn't need them for anything important. oh wait...

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