Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Come Fly With Me

Day 1 Report from the "4th on the 5 Adventures"

Joy and Patsy flew into SeaTac airport on Thursday night. Joy got there around 9:30 and Patsy got there around 11:45. The deal was that when Joy got there, she and I were to go to the rental car place, get the car and then go back to the airport to get Pasty. As we're pulling into the Enterprise Rental Car place, I ask Joy, "You didn't get an SUV, did you?" And she gets this bewildered look in her eyes. "What are you talking about?" she says. I'm like, "The rental car. You didn't rent an SUV, did you (I don't like SUVs)?" and she goes, "I thought YOU were going to rent the car."

epic. fail. on. my. communication skills.

Apparently, we each thought that the other person was going to take care of the rental car. So, after renting the car, we finally drive back to the airport and there's this SUV in the parking garage that keeps getting stuck.

After picking up the girls, we decide to head to Capitol Hill for some dinner. We stop in at this tiny hole in the wall bistro called BLEU, which is odd cause all the mood lighting in the place is red. But we had a great dinner—they have awesome nachos! And then afterwards we walked up and down Broadway and along the way stopped to participate in some sidewalk dancing. :D

Then we headed home and called it a night. :D

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