Monday, July 13, 2009


I feel like lately Seattle is having a love/hate relationship with the sun. Cause just when the sun starts to show some lovin' to the Seattleites, Seattle gives the sun the boot and then they kiss and make up and it's this never-ending cycle.

Now that the vacations are over, it's nice to get back into a normal schedule. . . or at least one I can mildly control. Gosh. I'm realizing how much of a control freak I am. Sad. :( Gotta work on that.

I love that things are starting to mellow out. :D Things are going really well with the Junior High Students as well. I fall more and more in love with them every day. They really do have a special place in my heart.

Two days ago I spent some crazy quality time mapping out curriculum and events all the way through December for the Student Ministries and man oh man—that was madness. . . but a fun madness that was actually quite fulfilling.

What's also quite awesome is the concerts that I'm going to go to this summer! Parachute (touring w/ The Script) and Jack's Mannequin + The Fray! Woo hoo!! And what's extra awesome is that the DAY BEFORE the Parachute concert, they are doing an In-Store acoustic set and signing at Easy Street Records, which is 4 blocks from my work! :D These guys are seriously awesome and talented, and quite hilarious! Every Friday they post a fun video and here are some so you can kind of see the hilarity that ensues :D

You should also check out their music! I love their sound!

I'm still waiting for Jack's Mannequin to release their music video for SWIM to see if my artwork made it into the video (fingers crossed!). But I'm so excited to go see them with The Fray! It's like freakin' Christmas in the Summertime here! :D

Also some new music, if you haven't heard or downloaded it yet is Paramore's new single: IGNORANCE . . . it's uh-mazing!

Now if only Seattle would let the sun and cool breeze hang out together here :D

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