Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Your Eyes

Happy Sunday everyone! What? What do you mean the day's almost over??? Schwat?? Un.believable. So, I'm finally starting to feel better (can you tell???)
hint---> all the unnecessary "???'s" that keep escaping from my mind onto the screen

Yesterday I actually got to get out of the house and get some fresh air. PS: being cooped up in your room for 2 days with strep throat is lame. Seriously. And no amount of Facebook, Twitter, TV, or yes, even James Morrisson's amazing voice could keep me from going batty. It was ridiculous. But yesterday I got to go downtown and do some shopping. Got some new makeup from Sephora. . . and I don't know HOW I WAS SURVIVING without Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Really. I also got to go to Pike Place Market, and bought some honey and just took in the beauty of the flowers in the stalls and was so quickly reminded of just how much i LOVE this city! Also, Blockbuster was going out of business in Crown Hill so I stopped by and got 4 movies for $20. And I got a coupon for a book at Barnes and Noble and bought SLEEPERS, which is one of my absolute favorite movies. I've been reading it on the bus and it hasn't made me fall asleep yet! :)

A really crazy cool thing happened this morning during Sunday School. Okay, so the fact that B— was the only one to show up wasn't that cool, but still I had a great talk with him as we played 3 rounds of pool. We talked about "disciplism," which was something I learned in Master's Commission from Dan Matlock. [more about "disciplism" here] and to start off, I asked B— what "discipleship" was. His reply was, "Something to do with being a disciple?" And we talked about discipleship for a bit. Then I asked him what "evangelism" was and he was like, "Evangelism? I've never heard of that. What's that?" And he was being dead serious.

I was astounded. It's so crazy the things I've taken for granted. Growing up in the "Bible Belt," you go to church and it's like, everyone knows EVERY Christianese word ever. Kids in 3rd grade know what discipleship, evangelism, prophetic, warfare, and the like all mean. They memorize verses about this stuff. But being up here in Seattle I've learned that there's so much that young Christian teenagers don't seem to know about. It really challenges me to put it in a way that makes it easily understandable and will help make it not a "churchy" thing. It gives me an opportunity to change the bland term "evangelism" into something that actually makes sense and doesn't teach a lifestyle of leaving trcts instead of tips and that a hand-out is meaningless without a hand-up. We had a great talk about how living an authentic faith-filled life that will help him leave a positive influence in his class that is made up of 95% athiests and how to develop habits that will help him live as a reflection of Christ.

I personally get hung up on some of the terminology used in Christianity, because having spent most of my life under a cynical perception of faith, certain terms have already left a weird impression on me. It was interesting when he said he'd never heard of the term "evangelism" before because it left me to wrestle with myself as to whether or not to continue calling it that or whether I should just lay it out there with a different catch-phrase. I ended up sharing a little bit about the misconceptions of that term and what I believe the Word of God means when it mentions evanelistic instances. I loved hearing what he thought and learning about some of his struggles with connecting faith and life. Being a mentor to these students is helping me grow just as much as it's helping them grow. I love where I am and what I get to do!

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