Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fire Burning

That's what my throat feels like right now. :(

So, truth be told, for the past oh I dunno, 10 years or so, I've rarely gotten sick. But let me tell you, when i DO get sick, I turn into this sad, pathetic little creature. I get real whiny and emo-tastic. I dunno why, I just do. Maybe cause I HATE the feeling of being sick. Having to take nasty medicine, gargle with salt water, not be able to go and do the things I want to do, and having to eat soup at every meal :( sucks.

The bad news is I don't get paid time off until I've worked at my job for a year. . . thus the panic of making up hours. The good news is that this upcoming paycheck will be good sized, and it will truly be an "excess" check, because I'll get another one right before I have to pay rent. So I can use that excess toward the initial HMO deduction, copay and medicines. Plus my boss is letting me do some work from home so that I can still make pretty decent hours.

I'm pretty sure it's strep throat. My throat is so swollen and it seriously feels like it's on fire. :(

I go in to see the doc tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. and I'm hoping I can at least go to work on Friday, after taking some antibiotics. That would be amazing! :)

But for now, I'm going to lay down and sleep off the sickness.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow :)


Kelley R. said...

Silver Lining: You apparently get to wear scrubs whilst doctoring yourself, and we all know how insanely jealous that makes me.

It's OK, they'll pump you full of potent mold extracts at the doctor and soon all your little bacteria will be safely dead. Circular chromosomes and all. Antibiotics! WHEEE!

P.S. In the mean time, though, of course I hope you feel better. Pobre tomate. I could send you some Japanese Pizza...?

Gabby said...

I hope you feel better SOOOOOOON!! I had strep almost every month for a while there, until I got my tonsils taken out last year. :(