Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Journey

Day 3 Report from the "4th on the 5 Adventures"
i apologize that i haven't learned how to open my eyes yet. ;)

After we got back from Karaoke (around 2:30 a.m.) me and Joy had a long and productive conversation about our respective attitudes and differences and miscommunications. Though there is debate about it, I do believe that time has changed us, and that who we thought we each were is not the same. This isn't a bad thing though, just an interesting thing that brings new challenges and opens new insights. I don't remember what time we got to bed but I'm assuming it was close to 5 or 6 am. I could be wrong though.

In any event, we woke up around noon and began our long drive to Forks, Washington—The Twilight Zone. :D

When we were first planning the trip, Joy's big thing that she wanted us to be sure to do was to go to Forks to check out the roots of the movie "Twilight." Joy and I are BIG fans of Twilight, so I was pretty excited to go as well. Patsy enjoyed the movie but wasn't nearly as besotted as we were. We got lost a few times, but we made our way. :D

Joy and Patsy really wanted to stay the night, so we found a hotel (by some major miracle) and got to catch the fireworks show in Forks! It was amazing!

Here are some photos and videos of our time there:

taken from the ferry :D
patsy loved the ferry
car shot of the scenery around Olympic National Park
taking in the beautiful scenery

jacob black's house on the Quileute Rez!
we ate here twice—yummy food!

I went out on a limb (quite literally) to get this shot and it was SO worth it!

our hotel in Forks
Fireworks on the Fourth in Forks

Joy in front of our motel door

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we are in forskth wathington.
welcome to lispth video. lol.