Sunday, July 26, 2009

When Love Takes You In

I had a great weekend at the Women of Faith. It was so interesting for me. I've always had this GIANT aversion to "women's ministry" type stuff. I just have. I've always seen it as this thing for ancient old ladies who sit around playing shuffleboard and singing "I'll Fly Away" until 5 p.m when they had to go to bed. However, being at this conference, laughing so hard at these amazing women who have gone through so many things, who were not afraid to open up their hearts and share their lives in such a relevant way, spoke to my heart so much.

My favorite speaker was Lisa Harper. I love her teaching style and her perspective on faith and it's intersection with life. I learned so much from the teaching she shared and it renewed my hope in a lot of things. Here's some videos of her talking about her new book:

Another great part of the conference was getting to see Steven Curtis Chapman. He sang some of my favorite songs from back in the day. It was also amazing to see the bravery and humility and realness that he exuded as he sang "Blessed Be Your Name." Seeing him sing the words "You give and take away" knowing that just a year ago he lost his daughter, after she was run over by the car that his son was driving. And hearing the cracks or tears in his voice, was so powerful. He wasn't trying to be strong, he wasn't trying to hide the pain, he was simply singing from his heart and from every thought and feeling that was contained in there. It was beautiful. He also sang "When Love Takes You In" which is a song I used to listen to when I felt unworthy of love, when I felt like my world was crashing around me. And it took me back, to realizing that I am valued and that even when my world crashes around me, God is unshakeable.

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