Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burning Down The House

Things are really heating up here in Seattle!

This morning I turned on the TV to watch the news (a rare occasion indeed) and the forecaster guy (i'm pretty sure that's the technical term for his position) was all sorts of excited and was like:

"And today, we may actually break a record! If we top out at 101 degrees, then we will beat the record of 100 degrees in Seattle from 1981!"

And never have I wished so much that i could reach my arm through the tv screen and smack that guy in the face. Seriously? That record breaking 101 is no bigee for this Texas girl, EXCEPT for the fact that, living in Seattle, most places here don't have Central Air, including my house. So my room is a sauna. I actually have to get a cold compress on my head before I go to bed to help me sleep. My little tower fan is working as hard as it can, but this heat is ridiculous. I so wasn't prepared for this. Oh well. At least my boss got me a box fan for my office today, so the shades are drawn, I got the big box fan running and two little mini-me fans. It's so nice to not be drenched in sweat. :D

In other news, I'm pretty bummed that Rachelle Lefevre is going to be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for Eclipse. :( Eclipse is my FAVORITE one in the Twilight Saga, and I was really looking forward to seeing Victoria's character step up her game into uber-fierceness. BDH just seems too sweet and innocent for the role. Especially after seeing her in Lady in the Water and The Village and in the Spidey movie. I know she's probably gonna get a lot of backlash from other Twilight fans, and to a certain extent, I feel sorry for her. But let's get real. Rachelle Lafevre is a fiercely bad mamma jamma and she really brings it to the character. I hope BDH can bring it as well.


After work, I'm walking all 4 blocks to get to Easy Street Records to go see them and I'm so excited! They have an amazing sound and those guys are so funny! If you haven't checked out their website yet, you should. JUST CLICK HERE. I also get to go to their concert tomorrow night at The Crocodile and I can't wait! :D

Well my lappy toppy is in the shop. And it was funny, because Evan, the Genius Bar guy who helped me out was like, "Why did that other Mac Genius ask you to reschedule? That makes no sense. He should have just taken it in then and there." We were laughing so much at so many things, and we got to talk about macs and the upcoming stuff in September (which is when my apple care expires) and it made me smile.

I also got to have dinner with Cindy Jones, who is just such an amazing woman! She seriously refreshes me so much! I love being in her company. AND she made these pita pizza things that I've gotta get the recipe for! They were delish!

Okay well I will update again tomorrow and share some photos and such with you all! Peace!


Kelley R. said...

Speaking of Twilight, the girl sitting next to me on the plane from Tokyo was reading New Moon.

Also speaking of Twilight, she and her boyfriend kept randomly making out over the seat divider.

It was a long flight.

amo (amanda) said...

awwwwkk...waaaarrrd. You shoulda leaned over and asked for a kiss too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!