Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back Again

Last night's In-Store performance of Parachute was off the chain! The guys are so amazingly friendly and fun to talk to. I also got to meet some other Parachute fans and I'm so excited to have new friends :D

Things are starting to cool down here, which is nice. That 103 degrees yesterday was ridiculous. And when I got home, for some reason, I half expected it to be cooled down. Alas, it was still a sauna. But at least I got to sleep at a decent time.

I went to grab lunch at Pagliacci Pizza today and I guess when I sat down, the chair slipped my gauchos down just a bit. So I'm walking down Mercer St. . . .which is a busy street. And I feel a breeze and I look down and I realize my pants are down and I'm totally like flashing my underoos at all the passersby. And here I was thinking they were all checking out my Cons. Whooops. I actually pantsed myself. Who knew? ;)

I get to see Parachute again tonight with The Script. I'm really looking forward to rocking out :D

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Kelley R. said...

So you got pants'd? Huh. Well, it's not like you would deserve that or anything, right? Right...?