Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends They Are Jewels

Reflections from the "4th on the 5 Adventures"

I am really really glad that I have friends who are willing to travel up to see me and see this beautiful city that I live in. I learned so much from our "4th on the 5 Adventures."

I learned:

- that differences can be bridges to stronger friendships
- it's okay if things don't go according to plan
- more about how to "roll with the punches"
- even the seemingly strong, independent people have deep insecurities
- not everyone shares my view of the world, and that's okay
- I have beautiful friends
- I pick the lamest karaoke songs
- despite picking lame songs, I LOVE karaoke
- years change people, and change is a good thing
- Twilight should have been filmed at least partially in Forks, WA or at least closer to it. I guarantee that Olympic National Forest had some amazing meadows
- I'm a careful driver and obeying the law is a big deal for me, and I'm pretty glad about that
- Don't park your car on the street in front of my house
- Don't leave your iPod adapter in a nice new rental car
- My friends have good taste in music too
- I need to get over myself
- The years I spent in Master's Commission building friendships is something I will NEVER regret.
- Stay on the 5

To P.Lo and Joy: I adore you both :D I miss you already and though I wish I could have gotten over myself at various moments in the trip, you should know that you make my life better. :D


joy.mac said...

i agree with everything you said on every point. i'm so glad you are my life long friend.

Bianca Crystal said...

such a cute picture!!!!