Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Secret Is My Silence

One of my favorite blogs to read is POST SECRET. [disclaimer: content is not always appropriate for younger viewers] I've always been kinda curious about what kind of lives people lead.
_are they like me?
_have the seen the things I've seen?
_have they gone on amazing adventures?
_do they struggle with the same things I do?
_what can I learn from them?
_are they funny?
_what kind of pets do they have?

. . . the list goes on. Even as a kid when we used to drive down the highway or through the neighborhood I would look at windows and see people and imagine what their lives would be like. I would run scenarios about family dinners and job promotions and dance recitals and lots of other stuff.

So when I read Post Secret, I feel more connected to the world around me. I laugh. I cry. I get angry. I get my imagination sparked. It's such a cool thing.

I've never actually sent in a postcard, but eventually I will. The guy who started it all, Frank Warren, posts new secrets that people mail in on postcards every Sunday and on Twitter also (@postsecret). There's a new PostSecret book coming out soon:

and so in honor of that, and inspiration to continue to share my life honestly with you guys, I've made some PostSecrets of my own. I'm not going to submit any of these to P.S. because they're officially not secret anymore, and that's okay, but eventually I will send in a REAL postcard creation of a secret of mine.

I wanted to share with you guys some of my secrets, not to be pretentious or sensational with it, or to cry out for pity, but just to share my life, to encourage others and to continue to grow past my past. So without further adieu, CUE THE INDIAN!


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