Friday, July 24, 2009


So, I took my laptop to the Genius Bar, in hopes that they would be like, "Oh yeah. Well let's get this fixed." Instead, my computer played the perfect angel part and they couldn't reproduce the constant error message that has been popping up for the past week. And by constant I mean every 3 minutes, and once it pops up, I can't do anything else until I CLICK okay. :(

So I made the appointment, went to the Genius Bar and since I didn't have my iPod Shuffle dock with me, he was like, "Well it might be the dock. So reschedule an appointment for the Genius Bar and bring the dock back." So now I get the *privilege* of picking another evening time slot where I can take the 1 hour bus trip out to University Village, go to the Genius Bar, and spend another 40 minutes on the bus ride home. And I even spent the night before backing up all my data on my external hard drive!

I think what made me the most upset was that this message has been popping up so much and like, at random times, so it's highly unpredictable, but still a pretty big presence on my screen. . . and the minute I take it in to the "doctor," it's fine. Just peachy.

It's like this:

Exhibit A> my computer in my home environment:

and Exhibit B> my computer when I take it to the Genius Bar to get fixed:

unbelievable. Thanks, lappy toppy. You made me look dumb. :(

i seriously walked away feeling like this guy:

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