Thursday, July 9, 2009

Living For The Night

Day 2 Report from the "4th on the 5 Adventures"

Friday morning I went out to get something from the rental car because we needed to confirm something with Enterprise. So I walk out to the car and I find that our rental car has been broken into.

Yeah I know. It sucks. :(

We had to take the car back down to SeaTac to trade it out. The funny thing is that while we were there, the guy that was helping us out, Sam, invited Joy out to the clubs. :D He said he lived 4 blocks away from me by a giant guitar. Riiiiii....ghhh....t. It made for a good laugh.

This was our main day of touring the city. We went down to Pike Place Market and then ate lunch at Ivar's on the Waterfront. We also went to the Space Needle and did some other sightseeing. They also got to see where I work and we sat down for some coffee at Caffe Ladro. :D

That night we decided to go to Kona Kitchen for some Karaoke :D We had so much fun! Joy totally got drunk off of some of the local beer, which only made her rendition of Come On Eileen that much funnier!

Here's a video update from the day:

And here's all of our Karaoke goodness:

okay and just for the record: the "genius" guy in charge of the karaoke stuff forgot to turn on the 2nd microphone, so you can't really hear the first part. It was silly anyway :D

so one of the guys at the bar was pretty trashed by the time I got up to sing this one. You can see him showing off his "guns" hahahahhahaha!

AND some photos from our day :D

Joy and Patsy playing darts in my office :D
photo op with a stuffed bear down by the waterfront

Joy and Patsy at Pike Place Market
In front of the Market sign
A street performer near Beecher's Handmade Cheese
Patsy at Ivar's on the Waterfront
Joy and that stuffed bear sharing a moment
that one guy again
Patsy at Kona Kitchen. . . she was our karaoke videographer :D

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