Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amanda Is Short For...

Random post time! :D Right. As if they're not ALL random! ha! So I wanted to have a little fun today so i was thinking about all the fun nicknames I've acquired through the years and I wanted to blog about it. So here they are, along with the backstory and a pic of the person who initiated it. :D

The first would be my dad's nickname for me...


This is what my dad calls me. And I must add, that anytime anyone else calls me Mija, I get really irritated. My dad is the ONLY person who can call me that! :D But most of the time he will just call me Mandy Pandy. And that makes me smile! :D


Matt Galka gave me this nickname while we were in Master's Commission. And this one actually has a video to go with it! This is the song Galka sings to me in honor of my nickname. :D It was featured in an episode of CSI. And so when we talk, I go... "Sing it dude, this is huge" and we run through the lines and he sings the song to me! :D


Craig Masbruch gave me this nickname in MCA. I think we were just randomly giving each other "gangster" nicknames or just being silly. I call him "Criggity-Craig" and he calls me "Miggity Manda" which has also led to me just being called Mig or Miggity.

AMUNDI (ah-moon-dee)

Jordan Johnson gave me this nickname. I'm not quite sure why. But it's one that a lot of people call me. Sadly, it's also one of my least favorites. Second only to the ever classic "AH-MAN-DUH"


This is one of my most common, and preferred nicknames! This nickname was given to me by my friend Soozie Amador when we were working SRMC Conference my 3rd year. It's real simple. It's Aaa-mo, not to be confused with (ammo), which is also a cool nickname that I will accept.


This is a fun nickname that Jonathan Robinson, who I lovingly call J.Rob, gave me. I can't remember if he started calling me this before or after I also gave him the nickname, J.Rizz. But this is a fun one that i enjoy! :D


Josh Sport gave me this nickname. This kid cracks me up! We have shared so many ridiculous stories and Mandarin Chicken is a nickname that stems from one of them...somewhere along the lines.


My best friend, Sarah gave me these names. Nez is a nicknamed derived from a spoof of a KRIS KROSS song, called Jump Jump. But I call her Dubs, and she calls me Nez. And instead of Kris, i put in 'Dubs' and instead of Kross, she puts in 'NEZ' and we sing the song and jump around. :D Mandapants is another term of endearment that she calls me. PS: We're pretty gangsta! ;)


This nickname comes from the biggest group! Sarah's Mom's family! Every so often, I spend Christmas with Sarah and her family up in Baltimore. And each time I've been, we've also driven up to upstate New York to spend time with her mom's family. And they always get me gifts!! They are so awesome!! So as the story goes, one christmas, they were going down the list of people they needed to get gifts for. And if they got the gifts, they put an 'X' at the end of the name to signify the gift was taken care of. Well, as they were double checking the list, someone came across my name, which had an 'X' at the end. And they were so confused and were like, "Who is Amandax?!?" And then they realized what had happened and just laughed so hard! And since them, they have called me AMANDAX. It's a fun one! :D

and i'm sure there's plenty more, but I can't think of them right now. If you know of any and want to share, please feel free to do so in the comments. :D

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