Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Beginning To Get To Me

There are just some things in life that I don't get. I don't understand. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around it. So here are 5 things that I just don't get. I'm sure there are over a million things I just don't understand and maybe as time goes by, I'll post more on the 'ol blog. So let's start with these 5:

1. PUTTING THINGS BEFORE PEOPLE. I don't think I've ever honestly understood this. I remember when I was younger, we were living in this house and it was me, my brother, my sister, my mom and dad, and my aunt and uncle, their 4 kids, my grandma and grandpa. (crazy, i know) and one Christmas, my parents bought us tons of gifts...they were like...spreading out from the base of the tree into the wide open living room. And my aunt and uncle's family was more strapped for cash, and they watched while we all opened our gifts, but they didn't have many gifts, if any at all. But I remember feeling sad. Because I didn't think it was right for me to get so many cool new presents when the others who meant so much to me didn't. Christmas is always a tough time for me because I understand that getting 'stuff' is cool. But when getting 'stuff' means more than loving people, and sharing life with them, i just DO NOT understand. I cannot understand how it's okay to put more priority on things than we do on people. Take for instance, Black Friday...which...i think is a GIANT nightmare! People pushing and shoving and knocking others down and being so rude, just for stuff....not taking into account that the person they are pushing and shoving and knocking down is a PERSON, and not a cardboard cut out. I just...don't get it.  PS: Political wars and the immaturity developed by some of it also falls in this category.

2. THE APOLOGETIX. Let's get real for just one moment. The Apologetix are ridiculous. Just. Plain. Ridiculous. Instead of trying to be the "Weird Al" of the Christian world, make your own music and make it mean something. Throwing out kitschy phrases like, "I Love Apostle Paul..." Instead of "I love Rock and Roll..." ... REALLY?? just. REALLY? Okay, here's a video of them in concert doing a parody of Weezer's "BEVERLY HILLS."

SERIOUSLY? And you're proud of your wittiness or lack thereof? even better, are you proud of your 'witness'? it doesn't take a lot of creative energy to write a parody of a song. But to attach a spiritual hanger onto silly. And this is just my opinion... but really. Even Weird Al knows that he's a dork because he does parodies of songs. But here's the kicker....his are actually REALLY FUNNy...The Apologetix...not so much. One time a friend from church asked me if I wanted to go to one of their concerts. I was afraid to just bust out laughing, so i just said no thanks. But inside, I was really screaming a big "HECK TO THE NO! I'D RATHER SHOOT MY EYE OUT!" yeah. so. I'm not a fan. I don't understand. They're not cool. They're not witty. They're not "wowing" the non-believing crowd with their talent. I think they should change their name from Apologetix to Just Plain Sux.

3. TWILIGHT PSYCHO FANS. So in a moment of honesty, yeah. I will admit. I AM A TWILIGHT FAN. Whether that makes me deranged or "unholy" i don't know. But I am. That's all there is to it. I love the way the books are written. I love the way the story progresses. And I love the way it's like a twisted remake of Romeo and Juliet. Very romantic and very intense all at the same time. And it gives some great twists on stereotypes of characters and even vampires themselves. But here's the thing. There's being a fan of something, and then there's being a ridiculous maniac. I've been reading articles and watching interviews with some of the key actors and hearing the's beyond ridiculous. For instance, girls scratching their necks until they a sign of affection for the lead actor, Robert Pattinson. SERIOUSLY girls? That's how you show love? That's how it works, eh? Yeah, I don't think so. You just come across looking desperate and well...psychotic. And then, there's this one mom who brought her baby to the set, asking the actors to bite her baby's head. REALLY? YUCK. And don't even get me started on Tyra "Pervy" Banks' show featuring Taylor Lautner and Robert. I felt so bad for Taylor. I mean, just watching his face, was so sad. And when Robert bit Tyra...SERIOUSLY...what's with the asking him to bite people?? He's not a friggin' vampire. In fact, VAMPIRES AREN'T REAL! Yeah...just...ugh. I mean, seriously. I'm a fan of the books, a fan of the movies, and definitely a fan of Robert Pattinson. But a simple letter expressing appreciation (as a dare to myself) is all I sent. I don't think I'd ever be able to look at myself in the mirror with any sense of normalcy and pride in my human worth if I did anything beyond that. yeesh.

4. YE OLDE BOOK BAN. This kinda goes along with the previous. So, being surrounded in a 'churchy' environment, I've really had to push myself to get out of the habit of reading just "Christian Inspiration" and Leadership books. Don't get me wrong, some of them are really quite good. But I love reading... and I love challenging my imagination... and I love the written word. And sometimes, I need to change things up. So I read Dante's Inferno, and Twilight, and Sybil, and some Stephen King stuff. But here's the thing, when people who run in the same 'esque circles go around judging you for what you's kinda lame. pretty silly actually. I remember working this event and some random chick came up to me and was like, why is everyone in your group reading all this religious stuff? Is this a religious conference? And I'm I'm reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And my friend is reading a Stephen King novel. I think that when people come up to you and judge you negatively based on what you read, it's quite silly. For instance, I recently started reading Dante's Purgatorio. Does that mean that my religion is messed up cause now I believe in Purgatory? No. It simply means I like poetry and I like Dante's imaginative thinking. If I read a Harry Potter book, am I going to start casting spells on people? No. That's silly. If I read Sybil, am I saying I experience Schizophrenia? No. I just want to learn more about Psychological stuff. I don't think it's right to say that one person is or is not spiritual based on what they read. Books are made to expand your imagination, to challenge your mind to gain more knowledge, and to give us a deeper appreciation of the English language. Again, sometimes I just don't get what the big deal is.

5. MY OWN PERSONAL MATCHMAKERS. This is a biggie for me. Here's the thing. I DO want to get married. I don't want other people to do my "shopping" for me. I'm highly capable of exploring the world of guy-dom without the help of others. I get really frustrated when married people, especially, feel like I have to be married to be fulfilled. Look, I know marriage is awesome! I look forward to it! But here's the thing...I want to go about it on my own terms. I don't need people picking out who they think is "PERFECT" for me, because honestly, a lot of the suggestions I've gotten, couldn't be further from what I find PERFECT in a possible husband. Oh, and especially when you offer to "work on them" for me. Seriously? No thanks. I don't want someone to "work on" my future husband. Chances are, I think he's pretty awesome WITHOUT your help. You know what I do LOVE? The fact that I am blessed with a best friend, who is married, and still doesn't feel the need to play matchmaker for me. You know what she does? She listens when I tell her I'm worried I might make a bad choice about a certain someone. She prays for me that I wouldn't "settle" for just any joe schmo simply because society or my own hormones say I just NEED someone for the time being. I LOVE THAT! I must say, though, that my favorite is when my own mom tries to get me interested in guys and she's like, "Well what about so and so?" And I'm like, "You mean Ramon's (my bro) friend ______?" And she's like, "Yeah, he's a nice guy" and I'm like, "Yeah, I'm sure he is, when he's not being a boozie crack dealer. No thanks. I prefer someone who doesn't live life in a haze of dope dealing and crack smoking." So here's the thing, leave the shopping to me and "Big guns upstairs." We got this.

Okay, that's all the ranting for today. :D Hope I made you your pants...or just think about things differently. laters!


Kelley R. said...

I love this post.


Also, I've seen the Apologetix in concert. I really had no choice in the matter, though; my dad loves them and got (...Won? Like on a "Christian music" radio station contest? I don't remember.) tickets and I was just too nice to blast them to his face, though he knows I don't approve (and that's putting it mildly.)

And, oh man, book banning, that one majorly makes my list of personal pet peeves. Right up there with the ol' personal space bubble invasion.

...One more thing; I've been those cousins that had to watch the wealthier cousins open their insanely expensive and extravagant Christmas presents (although just about anything was [is?] extravagant compared to our Christmases) and let me tell you it majorly sucks. Nothing gives you quite the same perspective on materialism as growing up poor. Maybe that's a good thing though. I think so, anyway.


Happy New Year, Mandy!!!


Tracy said...

I'm so with you on the Twilight thing! I mean, I'm not a HUGE fan of Twilight, but I do enjoy the books for what it is worth, and I consider it part of my keeping up with the trends with teens (since I plan on writing for that audience). I honestly don't get all the hoopla about the movie. *shrug*

As for the christmas gifts....I personally don't celebrate christmas, but my family does, and Mom keeps freaking about finding gifts for us. I've even told her I don't need presents, I'm perfectly fine, but oh wells. Can't win, eh?

For those who judge you based on what you read, they'll get theirs in the end. They'll eventually be on the receiving end of the prejudice bar. =)