Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes, it's the big technological debate- SHOULD I BUY A MAC OR A PC?

This is always a hard one because I am a graphic designer and I get a LOT of use out of my MAC. I am absolutely in LOVE with my MAC. It is like my right arm! And one of the main concerns that my friends have when they buy them is that they are not graphic designers and such. But really, I would recommend MAC over PC any day, no matter what your "task load" is. I've used PCs AND Macs before, so I'm familiar with each system. I've even used PCs with Vista on them. And I still vote Mac over PC in a heartbeat! I cannot tell you how much more user friendly the MAC is than the PC. And granted, I know that cost is always an issue, but I'm telling you, it's totally worth it! Another big concern with people is the fact that the Mac does not have the right click on the trackpad. But really folks, it's so unnecessary to have that silly right click button when you can use a 'hot key,' or now, even just a certain touch on the actual touch pad instead of pounding on that clicky button. It's so much faster and so much less complicated. And don't even get me started on the weight of those PC suckers! I had a DELL laptop computer that I used to work from, and let me tell you, I may as well have been carrying around a small child on my shoulders! That thing was so bulky and awkward. I love the streamline design of my mac and the fact that I can store things easily and have such awesome features as Spotlight and Expose and Dashboard, and TONS of other awesome features, just makes me smile so much! Even if you are not a graphic designer, the MAC is just a more superior machine. It makes things so much simpler, if you're willing to break out of a PC mentality and embrace a new way of doing things. Work smarter, not harder. :D

Here are some of my favorite MAC ADS:

I was going to post the latest PC ads, but I'd be ashamed to have them on my blog. They're really lame. :(

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