Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Fave Five

Today I was thinking about all the music videos and promotional videos I've made and I was reminded of how much I love making music videos. Hopefully I'll get to share some of those on the blog at a later date. But then I was thinking, man, it would be cool to be a music video director. LIke, where all you direct is music videos...duh. Then my mind got to thinking about my favorite creative music videos. So I thought I would share. You might not think they are creative or cool in any way shape or form, but from my own personal viewpoint and mindset, I think they are so creative!

Here's my Fave Five Creative Music Videos! *in no particular order

1. Melissa Ethridge | COME TO MY WINDOW |

Juliette Lewis is featured in this one and I love how she really gets into the role of this crazy person to help tell the story. I mean, the song lyrics itself are crazy... but to give it this psychiatric vibe is just so different to me. And Juliette is know for portraying "out there" characters so well. I bet filming this was interesting.

2. Switchfoot | AWAKENING |

Here's a little story behind the making of it:

The making of the video
We had a lot of fun making this video. We actually made this video on our own dime, with our talented good friend Brandon Dickerson, who made two of our earlier videos. We also had the incredible opportunity of working with three extremely talented and funny actors: Tony Hale (Stranger than Fiction, Arrested Development), Adam Campbell (Epic Movie), and Jayma Mays (Heroes). The most challenging and time-consuming portion of the video was the creating of the "animated" television. To create this effect, we printed out each individual frame (24 frames per second -- that's a lot of frames!), and then hand-ripped each person from each frame, placing each frame sequentially after the other to re-create the action (think claymation with photos!). This technique has actually never been done before, and took a total of 8 days, with 10 to 20 people working around the clock

I think it's amazing how much creative energy they put into it and it TOTALLY shows! (a great big shout out to K.Rowe for introducing this one to me)

3. Counting Crows | ROUND HERE |

This one was made back in the 90s and at the time, this style was so unique. I love the little touches of things here and there, like the raccoon and the lady's sign that says "No One Move And Nobody Gets Hurt." And I think just the way the concept of it just rushes through as you're piecing together the parts of the video is cool. And the cloud moving piece was pretty new and creative for back then as well.

4. Switchfoot | WE ARE ONE TONIGHT |

Okay, this band just makes GREAT music videos. I love the concept of this one and how everything matches up so perfectly. I love that it's fluid and really carries out the message in a simple, fun way while still having that basic home video feel to it.

5. Flyleaf | ALL AROUND ME |

I love this group! I love chicks who just rock out and belt it out...and what adds to this is the paint that continually flows down the walls. I constantly think to myself, "man, i just want to rent out a studio...and just throw paint all over the place...over and over and over again and have fun with it." They really do a good job with this one!

Hope you enjoyed those! When I watch music videos like that, I just get these little creative sparks here and there and it continues to fuel that creativity within.

PS: I know I said I was going to put up a music video of myself doing ali lohan's all the way around...but here's the thing...I filmed all the pieces...and (seriously) accidentally deleted it with a secure empty trash move of a bunch of stuff i was cleaning off my laptop to clear room for importing some footage for a video i was making for my job. :( I'm so sorry. I will find a way to make it up to you guys! Maybe I'll make a whole new one... we'll see. sorry guys. really.

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