Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MUSICALly Inclined...

I'm probably gonna lose a lot of cool points for this post, but oh well. I was crusin' on youtube and I came across some clips from different musicals. Growing up, my mom and dad made us watch a lot of musicals...which I think is where I get the habit of wanting to dance to everything! hahahahahahahahaha!

But here I've included some videos of some musicals I grew up watching. You can laugh, it's funny! There are some genuinely good musicals that i tried to find specific songs from, but to no avail. One of them is Les Miserables. I feel lucky to have gotten to see it multiple times on Broadway before they ended the run. But that is one of my Absolute Favorites! I wish they would do a movie remake of it, in musical form, but include the love triangle between Cosette, Marius and Eponine...there's so much emotion that goes into it all...I'd love to see it played out.

Another one would be Hello Dolly. My fave song from that one is HELLO DOLLY...which features Louis fantastic!

But, here are some other ones that I grew up watching and am a fan of nowadays as well. We'll start with the oldest first then move to my more current faves. :D

i chose this one because it's the least heard of. hahahahaha...but it was actually one of my mom's favorites... so we watched it a LOT! so I bought relive the memories. Here's one of my favorite songs from it...the motorcycles are so cool and the song is so cheesy. hahahahahaha!

A young Kevin Bacon dancing in the dark with such angst always makes for a fun show. And technically, this isn't a musical...i don't think, but the fact that it involves choreography should make it count.

So much energy and tons of laughs came out of this one! I also love the Chorale reprise of this clip: Seize The Day. Me and my friends Brittany and Sarah all share a love for this musical.

So there's an older version with Leslie Ann Warren... but this is the more recent version. It features a new trendy cast and a fun combination of Brandy and Paulo Montalbon in lead roles. The song is called "The Sweetest Sounds."

and then we really fast forward and jump ahead to:

A funny take on a classic story. Last year for A LONG DAY, all the girls got together and tried to learn this dance with the instructional video on the bonus features. Fun times...silly times. The song: Ladies Choice. PS: James Marsden's little bird dance is hilarious!

And last but not least...

Yes, i know. I'm sick for liking the HSM franchise. But I do love this's so sweet.

Okay can keep laughing. :D I would just like to take a moment to clarify that a large part of my love for musicals really does stem from the fact that both my parents were fans of musicals and made us watch them all the time with them. hahahahahahahaha. :D


lovelygirl said...

check out Wicked, the musical, if you haven't already. i saw it twice before it's closing here in LA and LOVED it!!!

amo said...

oooh i think i will if it's in town! :D