Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammy Song

It has come and gone ladies and gents...the 2009 Grammy Awards! And as always, here is my take on the evening. Sadly, I only caught the back half of it. So I'll only capitalize on what I DID see. Overall, I thought that all the winners deserved their hard earned awards. I thought it was funny/awesome/eye-opening that a lot of the winners were from the UK, which is amazing! I seriously think that UK artists have so much talent and just a fresh take on music in general. Love it! One big regret is that I didn't make it home in time to see U2 perform. :( I enjoyed most of the performances I saw and I was actually shocked and amazed that they didn't have to bleep out Samuel L. Jackson's presentation...though I will admit...Green Day's presentation seemed a bit haphazard. Here's my list of "Grammy Hits" which is really just a catchy phrase for things that stood out to me at the Grammys. :D


Okay. so this is totally a rant. but isn't it about time that kid rock stepped away from a microphone? He's like... the biggest joke in any music genre he attempts. Isn't there a Burger King out there looking for him? Step away, kid. And change your freakin' name!


I totally didn't notice it at first. I was trying to figure out what was up with all the fruit. I mean, I know the song mentions cherry chapstick, but I wasn't sure that it should warrant the bombarding fruitopia theme. But apparently it's katy's signature style. The funny part came when I asked my roommate why Katy Perry was wearing fruit and her response was, "Oh that's easy. She's trying to be Carmen Miranda. Except she's not wearing it on her head. She's wearing it on her dress." That's when it all made sense.


ADELE!! Can I just say that this girl is phenomenal? Great voice, great stage presence, and just such a doll! I blushed for her when she got the award for best new artist and was like, wiping away sweat and was so humble in her acceptance. I can't wait for her sophomore album!


Was anyone else laughing when the 3 main guys were on one side of the overly long stage "motown-ing" it up while Jamie Foxx was on the whole other side...doing a solo act...and then looking at the other guys to make sure he was doing the right choreography? please tell me i'm not alone in this!


Here's the thing. I know that the Grammys got all tweaked because Chris Brown and Rihanna had an issue the night before/early morning of and couldn't make it to perform at the Grammys...but listen...when you're due with your baby the DAY OF the stay home. Forget about taking one for the team. Especially in that outfit! And I don't know if she thougt that no one would notice she was preggo if she wore the standard britney/madonna/christina see through get up. but it obviously didn't work. I dunno if she needs a talk from Stacey and Clinton (What Not To Wear), but polka dots...that naturally look big and stretchy on any fabric...don't really compliment a bun in the oven. And when she started booty dancing during the song, i was like, "Please. Stop it. That's what got you pregnant in the first place." all the while thinking...jeeze I hope her water doesn't break mid-thrust. How awkward.


I must say, I was so excited to see Jason Mraz's outfit for the Grammys. This is like my favorite look ever...the classy getup with the tennis shoes to keep it real! I don't know why...I just love it.

...Is there anything I'm forgetting?


Kelley R. said...

Oo, Jason Mraz does look nice.

Good to know; I hear the CCM stations really appreciate picking up "CLEAN" track pop hits from artists with style.


lovelygirl said...

I LOVE ADELE!!! And I love MIA, but didn't know the chick got knocked up! Wow. That picture was shocking