Monday, February 23, 2009

You And The Mona Lisa

You know, with all this OSCARS madness going on I couldn't help but get in the mood to reminisce today about all the movies I've grown to call my favorites over the years. One thing that just makes a movie amazing to me is when you can really feel the story of the characters come to life, and when you cry, it's not just cause you're a sap, but because you can really understand what that character is feeling and thinking and going through. I know that for me, while I'm writing these screenplays that I'm working on, I am so fascinated by the way that I can imagine up these characters and really feel what they're feeling and endure what they're's so cool. Like I'm a fly on the wall in these peoples' lives..who are just living in my mind. :D and now that i sound like a complete maniac, here are some of my favorite flicks that win my personal BEST PICTURE award. :D


This movie is based on a true story by Lorenzo Carcaterra.  The cinematography is amazing and the story is so gripping!  
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Mug me or marry me Shakes, I'm too tired for anything else" - Carol Martinez [Minnie Driver]


Story Time! Okay, so when I was in the 6th grade, I had to stay in the hospital for 10 days, recovering from an emergency appendectomy... and this movie was on the movie channel that would play a rotation of movies over and over and over...and I always made sure to watch this.  I must've watched it at least 3 times a day!  And I CRIED every time!


White Squall is also based on a true story.  This was one of Ryan Phillipe's first major flicks.  Not only is the cast astonishingly HOT, but the story...just gets ya!  Again, another tearjerker!  One of my favorite quotes is from this movie- it's the motto of being on the boat (The Albatross) and it goes like so:  "WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL."


Allison Lohman does a PHENOMENAL job in this flick, as she portrays Astrid, a girl who experiences the intense reality of the foster care system.  The movie is so real and so well made.  
Favorite Quote: Everybody asks why I started at the end and worked back to the beginning, the reason is simple, I couldn't understand the beginning until I had reached the end. There were too many pieces of the puzzle missing, too much you would never tell. I could sell these things. People want to buy them, but I'd set all this on fire first. She'd like that, that's what she would do. She'd make it just to burn it. I couldn't afford this one, but the beginning deserves something special. But how do I show that nothing, not a taste, not a smell, not even the color of the sky, has ever been as clear and sharp as it was when I belonged to her. I don't know how to express the being with someone so dangerous is the last time I felt safe...


Such an INTENSE and edge of your seat GREATLY done!  
Favorite Quote: Who knows. So many freaks out there doin' their little evil deeds they don't wanna do... "The voices made me do it. My dog made me do it. Jodie Foster told me to do it." - David Mills [Brad Pitt]

This is a Sundance film that I saw when I was younger and the story still sticks with me.  So sweet and enduring and all about what happens when we let our "labels" of people determine what we believe their character to be.  Again, another tearjerker.  
Favorite Quote:"Most folks would rather hear a colorful lie over the truth any day." - Percy [Alison Elliot]


Emile Hirsch was amazing as Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) in this movie about one young man's adventure to experience life in the wilderness. I was talking to a friend the other day and we were just marveling about how great this movie is and how amazing the cinematography is and how the story just comes full circle. And for a person who really doesn't like movie voice overs...I gotta say... Jena Malone did a phenomenal job! 
Favorite Quote: "I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong." - Christopher McCandless [Emile Hirsch]

so now it's YOUR turn! What movie have you seen that you think should win a BEST PICTURE award?

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