Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Day On A Brand New Planet

Today was my first day at the new jobby job!! It's such a great job! I really like it...already... :D I get to learn InDesign, which I've been wanting to learn for a long time now. Here are some pictures of where I work. I'll take more tomorrow! :D

On the walk home, looking back at the office building...which is really a church that they bought out and use as an office/counseling venue.

On the way home, the view from the office:

So the place I work for is a small local publication company that focuses on counseling. They also have some offices on site where clients will come for counseling sessions. And I absolutely love the job...but I gotta admit, I feel the pressure in working in an environment where there are counselors around. Because I know that they can tell things based on mannerisms and facial expressions and all sorts of other things, so every time I would meet someone new, I'd be thinking, "oh no. can they tell i'm nervous that i'm going to forget their name??" Now I know it's silly...but that's seriously the things that go on in my head. hahahahaha. But the people are all very nice and way cool. I love just observing and listening to them! :D

The girl they hired before me only lasted a week, because she felt she wanted to pursue more active graphic design...but I'm content to do layout and editing's so relaxing! :D But I can't help but think when I pass these people, "Do they think I'm gonna bail too? Cause I'm not."

But my boss really likes my work and she's so fun to be around! I can't wait to see what new things I get to learn!

PS: another song for you to check out...I was listening to this today on the bus ride home...on love love James Morrisson's voice..and I couldn't help but laugh cause the song is called PLEASE DON'T STOP THE RAIN...but when you live in Seattle, it's just a funny concept.

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Nicole T said...

"Do they think I'm gonna bail too? Cause I'm not."

^^ =]. that made me happy to hear!
you gonna do totally awesome, you don't even need to worry about it.
you have alot of drive so i know you will do well!
and good thing you actually like your job! that doesn't happen alot :P