Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shut Up And Drive

I got a call today from the Residence Inn down at Lake Union today in response to a job request I sent in earlier this morning and I have an interview tomorrow morning for the Front Desk Clerk position! It sounds very exciting! Although, if I get the job, I will have to get a Washington State Driver's License so I can drive the hotel vans to and fro. :D Don't get me wrong, it's super exciting, but I do have a kind of fear about retaking a driver's test. I barely passed the Texas Drivers test. I mean, I passed the driving part with flying colors...but the computerized test was a bomb. Mainly because they asked me some of the silliest questions. There was a question about how much I should be fined for being in possession of marijuana...which i don't and will never smoke...how am I supposed to remember that?? And then another was how much a person should be fined if they run someone over, killing them due to drunk driving... which, I don't drink, so I'm not sure. I chose the highest fine...and unfortunately it's too much...cause it was a lesser fine. I couldn't comprehend that. And then a couple others were about various fines for possession of cocaine and other drugs...and I'm like...uh...I don't know. So I barely passed. All the other questions I got right. So depending on how the interview goes tomorrow, I might be stopping by the DPS to pick up a driver's manual for Washington State and I'm thinking about seriously highlighting all the drug paraphernalia fines.

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