Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Song Of The Soul

Okay folks, time for some new music for you to try! So lately, I've been on this soulful kick...and everytime I hear each of these songs, I melt. :D

GAVIN'S SONG by Marc Broussard
This song was written in honor of his son, Gavin and the strain of touring on the road while having a son at home.

James claimed that the song is an ode to that point in a relationship where no matter what you try, it just doesn't seem to work out anymore. He says that there was a period in his life with his girlfriend where they were in that situation.

LET ME SIGN by Robert Pattinson
Originally written by Bobby Long and Marcus Foster was made famous by it's appearance in the hit movie Twilight. I love it cause you can feel the passion of the song.

There are many theories about the meaning of the song, but The Fray has not given a direct comment about the meaning. Most theories center on a relationship where the guy doesn't want to let go so easy.

and finally, CAME ON LION by Sarah Harmer
I know she's not one of the guys, but this girl can sing... and this song is so soulful to me!

In other news... I've been working on 2 screenplays lately. One came originally into my head a couple weeks ago. And the other came into mind a couple of days ago. And though I don't plan right now on releasing either of the two professionally (or even unprofessionally for that matter), it's great to get some new experience with a new creative outlet. One is called THE ACADEMY and the other is called LANE & ALLEY. These are two songs I've been listening to for the more dramatic parts of each, and might I also add...that the 2 screenplays are COMPLETELY different from one another. And these songs are kinda stuck on the brain lately. So I figure I'd share (my elementary teachers would be so proud of me)!

DROWNING by Missy Higgins

(for LANE & ALLEY)

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Nicole T said...

first of all, i need to say CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB!!!!!! that is so exciting. im very proud of you =] you're gonna do great!

and i love all the music reccomendations.
you have some good music taste! a few of my favorite artists are up there (susie suh, missy higgins, and the fray all rock.... and i guiltily admit to loving rob's music as well =) haha)

love always,