Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trash / Treasure

Today I did something that I have never even contemplated doing before in my entire life. I went dumpster diving for bread today. I must admit that I am very prideful when it comes to things like dumpster diving. I only did it once when I was a teenager, and it was because it was at a thrift store and there was some peer pressure involved. Well, Jason (a guy in my small group) offered to give me a ride home from Westside today and on the way, he was like, "I need to stop at the bread dumpster on the way home." So I agreed to go and the whole time I had to convince myself that it wasn't going to be completely gross.

So for those who are curious about why I would go dumpster diving for bread, let me give you some context.

There's this bakery in Fremont (neighborhood in Seattle) where they have dumpsters full of bread that they didn't sell the day before (or something like that) it's good bread, and it's in packaging...but you just go and pick what you want out of the dumpster. there were like 10 other people out there with us all foraging for bread! it was funny. but i don't have a new job yet and it's i did it.

Since I can be a germ-aphobe about some really silly things, i just kept calling it a "bread bin" so the inner germ-aphobe wouldn't jump out of me. it wasn't unsanitary...but when i think of dumpsters...that's my first thought. but it was quite good. and i got a ton of free bread. :D

So now I don't have to worry about buying bread for the rest of the month!

Here's some pictures of the foraging:

also...another funny thing happened to me today!

I was waiting for the bus to come so I could go to church...and this guy pulls off the road, into this jiffy lube parking lot... and rolls down his window. Now, I'm standing at the bus stop in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, covered by my big black trench coat, and a knit scarf (from my best friend!) and listening to my iPod. So I see him, as I'm looking up the road for the bus to come. And he rolls down the window so I'm thinking, "Oh. He must need directions." So I walk closer to him and he tells me his name (which i don't remember) and asks me for mine. So I (reluctantly) tell him, "Amanda." And he goes, "I was just wondering if I could give you my phone number." and I'm like, "No thank you." And he goes, "Well, can I have yours?" and I'm like, "Um. No. I'm sorry. I'm not interested." And he says okay. And then pulls out of the parking lot and continues driving down the road!

Now I know a lot of you are thinking, "GOSH AMANDA! GIVE THE GUY A SHOT! HE COULD BE THE ONE!" And let me tell you...he wasn't attractive..he wasn't white (I like white guys)...and he was in his upper 30s lower 40s. I don't think I missed out.

I know he wasn't attracted to my body...cause you can't see it in that trench coat.
I know he wasn't into my personality...cause he doesn't know me...and seeing someone at a bus stop doesn't give you insight into that. I could've been a psycho!
I think he was just really desperate for a Valentine's day date. :(


Kelley R. said...

LOL! Amanda you really need to clarify that you're not white when you say things like, "I'm into white guys." Otherwise you sound like a flaming racist. :D

Do you remember way back in the day when H-E-B would bring all the old baked goods from the week before to GT and leave them outside the children's building on Sunday mornings? It was back when there was that overhang/drive through carport thing out front. They would heap it up on the sidewalk around the far wall of the drive through partition.

Oh man. Those were the good old days.

...Come to think of it, that's actually a pretty cool thing for a church to do.

Wonder why they stopped.

Kelley R. said...

Oh, and by the way I would totally dumpster dive for bread.

That sounds like fun.

amo said...

i actually DO remember that! and i think my dad used to grab bread and baked goods from there...cause we were po' mexicans! now we're just above po' mexicans. hahahaha but yeah...i think also because it wasn't in an actual dumpster i never pitched a fit. and uh. for those reading my blog...i'm mexican. i'm not a flaming racist... i just have this natural romantic attraction to white guys. no offense if you're not. just remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea. :D

Kelley R. said...

Yeah dude; I'm pretty sure that bread pile was my favorite thing about going to church, no contest.

Maybe that's why they nixed it.

Too much competition.


P.S. It's OK, we were poor too. Still are actually... ;)